TEIKARE Massage Gun Review: More caring than boyfriend or girlfriend

When working out or exercising, the sympathetic nerves are overexcited, causing the muscles to remain too tense at rest and producing fascial adhesions, which can affect recovery growth. Massage guns are used by professional athletes in various countries. From Neymar to Durant to James to Griffin, all are fans of the product.

Recently TEIKARE company gave me a massage gun, I used a week’s time, found that it has a longer life, lower noise, lighter body and 3200 rpm power, 360 degree rotating massage head better help me relax muscles, solve the problem of muscle stiffness and soreness. Today I will tell you why TEIKARE Massage Gun is worth having.


TEIKARE massage gun in addition to the main body of the machine, massage head, power adapter, charging cable and other accessories, but also comes with a super Nice storage bag, when not in use can be placed in the massage gun storage bag. In addition, the storage bag is designed with a carrying handle, it is also more convenient to carry around.

As with other products, TEIKARE Massage Gun is provided with the manual. In the manual, in addition to some product parameters, the operation of the introduction, it also provides a detailed massage position diagram, the arms, shoulders, waist, legs, feet and other parts of the muscle massage time and frequency of detailed instructions, and indicates the middle to both sides, the top-down massage, for the first time users, or very helpful.

And then the power adapter and charging cable, TEIKARE not only give away the charging cable also provides a power adapter, and is a split design, very similar to the smartphone charger, can be used for cell phones and computers.


Here comes the main body of TEIKARE Massage Gun, if not installed massage head, does it feel very similar to a hair dryer? Its body is 240mm high, 175mm wide and weighs about 850 grams, which is just the right amount to hold in your hand. In order to improve the grip of the massage gun, the designer also refers to the ergonomic theory, it is designed to 5 cm hand grip size, plus the grip part of the soft rubber material design, the grip is very comfortable.


In terms of power, it is built with a high speed brushless motor, with a maximum speed of 3200 revolutions per minute. The impact of high speed can easily penetrate 10mm deep muscle groups, which is more conducive to relieving muscle soreness after exercise. In addition, TEIKARE Massage Gun is also equipped with an intelligent voltage stabilization system, which can eliminate the drop in motor power after external load and ensure stable power output.

We can find the charging port is located at the bottom, using the Type-c interface design, which has a built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, fully charged can be used continuously for 6 hours, this endurance performance is quite good. At the same time, you power switch is also here, the design is very reasonable.

At the bottom of the front of the machine, we also found a hidden design of ventilation holes, why design ventilation holes? Mainly because the designers consider that some people may use the massage gun directly in the games, if sweat with the massage head into the main body is likely to cause motor failure, so the design of this hidden design ventilation holes can ensure that the machine in the use of a safer and more secure.

TEIKARE Massage Gun is equipped with eight types of professional massage heads such as spherical head, flat head, cylindrical head, spherical head for the arms, waist and back, buttocks, thighs, calves and other large muscle groups, flat head for the relaxation of various muscle parts, while the cylindrical head for impact deep tissue, such as the palms of the hands, soles and other parts of the use.


Massage head installation is very convenient, directly into the bottom of the massage head connector into the muzzle can be, installation needs to pay attention to, need to rotate the massage head to a fixed position, otherwise the massage head in the use of the process is easy to fall off.

At the end of use, remember to clean and maintain the massage head, the method is also very simple, pull off the massage head, use a soft towel slightly wet under the wipe massage head and massage gun body, and then dry a dry cloth and put back into the storage box. Remember to be sure to put the fascia gun into the included storage box to avoid damage and wear to the main body of the machine caused by indiscriminate placement.

For the massage gun, my wife’s needs are actually greater than mine, and she basically goes to the gym every week to practice yoga. Every time she came back before, she would let me give her a massage in order to relieve the soreness caused by muscle stretching. To be honest, for people who do clerical work all year round, they don’t have strong hands and it’s a lot of effort to massage. And with TEIKARE Massage Gun, my wife can perform muscle relaxation alone, with no effort or time, and she is not the only one who is relaxed.

4 different massage modes

– Normal Mode

When you turn on the massage gun deep tissue, it will automatically enter into normal mode, the light in the corresponding mode is always on, and the speed gear display as 00.
You can adjust the speed by pulling the roller on the side of the muscle massage gun, the speed gear is divided into 1-30 gear, the rotational speed is from 500-3200 rpm.

– Progressive Mode

In this mode, the percussion massage gun will automatically adjust the speed, the massage speed from slow to fast to slow,you can enjoy variable-speed massage without manually adjusting the speed. This massage gun is suitable for athletes to relax their muscles after exercising,it’s a good choice for deep relaxation massage of large area muscles such as thigh, calf, back, etc.

– Sensitive Mode

In this mode, we have equipped the massage gun deep tissue with the most suitable massage speed for sensitive parts. The speed of the massage gun is below 500rpm, and the speed is not adjustable, which is very comfortable and safe. Strongly recommended to use this mode when you need to massage sensitive areas.Such as the neck, spine, head and chest.

– Heating Mode

If you want to use the heating mode, please use the attached heating massage head, if you install our other massage heads, you cannot use the heating mode.
For the first touch of the “heating mode”, the yellow light is always on, the temperature is at 100˚F-120˚F; For the second touch of the “heating mode”, the red light is always on, the temperature is at 120˚F-140˚F; For the third touch of the “heating mode”, the light goes out, the corresponding mode is off.


Overall, TEIKARE Massage Gun is a good product, the price is very cheap in the same type of products, and the workmanship and materials are very good, with the included storage bag is also both beautiful and practical. In terms of safety, it has built-in multiple safety protections such as short circuit, blocking rotation, abnormal temperature, excessive pressure, and also specially set up a 10-minute timer protection to avoid muscle damage caused by pressing for too long. Since the TEIKARE Massage Gun, I do not like to exercise, but also slowly began to exercise, it makes me become more healthy.

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