Tencent Aurora T5 Projector is launched: 0.47DMD true 1080P and sensorless focus

In the projector industry, Tencent is actually a stalker, whether it’s Tencent or its laser. One is constantly experimenting with different specs of projectors, the other is constantly working with major projection manufacturers for hardware support, and is constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and iteration. Tencent has once again updated a new 1080P flagship product: Tencent Aurora T5 projector, equipped with a 0.47DMD chip, true 1080P, can achieve sensorless focus, the first price of 3388 yuan. The Tencent T5 is a masterpiece of the Tencent Aurora 1080P projector.

Next, let’s take a look at the configuration of this projector:

The core hardware uses a 0.47 DMD chip with a physical resolution of 1080P and a light source brightness of 3000 lumens. In addition, the T5 adopts 4G running memory + 16G storage configuration, and the back-end is optimized in real time and runs smoothly. the T5 has a built-in intelligent system, which relies on Tencent Video’s film and television rights to provide coverage of power, TV, variety and other content resources, and can also install third-party software.

It can automatically measure the distance between the projection and the projection screen, keep the screen in focus in time, keep the screen clear, and turn it on without ads to enhance the user experience. Also supports HDR10+HLG decoding, supports vertical/horizontal ±45° trapezoidal correction, 1.2:1 projection ratio, 3 meters can project 120 inch image, small space can also be side projection to achieve large square screen. Support intelligent AI voice function, with the remote control can be used, while built-in children’s exclusive mode, recommended children’s content.

The projector supports front projection, rear projection, ceiling hanging, flat, side projection, dual-band Wi-Fi, mobile phone with the same screen, and built-in Tencent system, rich in content resources. Support LAN, USB, HDMI, audio and other interfaces.