The new smart Xiaomi watch will be able to make an ECG

The key feature of the Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT Verge 2 watch, which will be presented on June 11, was announced today.

The new model of Xiaomi smart watch is equipped with a special sensor that is able to make an electrocardiogram and control the heartbeat, heart rate. People with heart, lung or other internal problems need regular ECG to keep the disease under control. An electrocardiogram will allow you to evaluate the rhythm and activity of the heart. The support of the innovative function became known today. Chinese manufacturer has published another announcement of the novelty, revealing some features of smart watches.

To make an ECG, you need to go to a special pre-installed application. The software’s intuitive and accessible interface eliminates any complications. The smart watch is equipped with an innovative sensor that measures heart rate with minimal error. With the new function, atrial fibrillation can be detected.

A special application stores the results of the electrocardiogram. The program checks the heart pulses to determine the heart rate. This allows you to evaluate atrial and ventricular rhythmicity. Violations cause atrial fibrillation. This is why it is important to determine if there is a problem in advance.

It’s June 11th, the new release will take place. Now China is starting the entrance exams for admission to universities. Xiaomi company reports that absolutely all applicants who received the highest score, the flagship watches will be sent absolutely free of charge. It is also necessary to remind that this model supports the use of electronic SIM-card.