The world’s first Xiaomi robot suitcase was introduced with COWAROBOT

Today the eco-network Xiaomi opened crowdfunding very unusual novelty. This is a robotic suitcase, which does not have to be carried with you, as it moves independently. The approximate cost of the goods is $299.99. The goal is overfulfilled by 435% in just 1 day. Therefore, retail sales of an exclusive novelty will be launched very soon. Visually Xiaomi Cowarobot practically does not differ from the majority of modern suitcases. It is equipped with a telescopic handle and four wheels that rotate 360 degrees. The maximum protection of the contents is provided by a strong plastic case.

The size of the robot-suitcase is 555x384x220 mm. It weighs 4.5 kg. Capacity of the suitcase is 31 liters. Maximum capacity is guaranteed. Inside the handle is a video camera, which determines the location of the owner. The case is equipped with a chip based on artificial intelligence technology. It provides unobstructed movement of the suitcase. It will bypass all kinds of obstacles without crashing into them.

The smart suitcase of Xiaomi Cowarobot is equipped with four engines. The travel speed can be adjusted. One battery charge of the device is enough to cover a distance of 20 km. The built-in battery can be disconnected at any time for unobstructed charging. This battery can be used to charge your smartphone or any other device.

There is an LED in the front. Its color changes according to the battery charge level and suitcase operating mode. The 3-digit TSA lock provides the highest level of burglary protection. The user has to choose from 999 different combinations.