UGREEN HiTune X6 Review: a noise-canceling earbud exceeds expectations

TWS headset is hot, many manufacturers have entered this market. As a well-known digital accessories brand, UGREEN also made a deep layout in the TWS headset market, and has launched HiTune “X” “T” “H” and other series of products, including comfortable to wear half in-ear headphones, ENC call noise canceling headphones, and active noise canceling headphones.


Since 2012, UGREEN has been producing high-quality electronics for global consumers. UGREEN has steadily grown into a brand trusted by over 40 million users in more than 100 countries around the world with products ranging from charging devices, phone & computer accessories, to home and automobile accessories.

UGREEN is very excited to announce the new HiTune X6 earbuds. The X6 are the next step in the evolution of the X-series and an improvement over the X5 model. UGREEN is seeking to disrupt the earbuds market. The goal of the X6 is to provide an immersive listening experience with expert audio engineering, without breaking the bank.

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The HiTune X6 box features a black background. The front of the headset is designed with a sonic-like pattern below the rendering, making it more spatial and highlighting the product. With the words “UGREEN” brand LOGO, product name, and Bluetooth logo.

Opening the box reveals a protective cover made of Karton. It also contains information about the control functionality of the earbuds. A nice touch here UGREEN, more reasons not to read the user manual. Flipping over the cover reveals the charging case, a compartment containing the charging cable, extra pairs of ear tips, and the manual which is tucked inside the cover of the box. I’m digging this packaging personally, it already feels premium overall but preference will still play and major factor here.

Taking all the contents out, you will get a free USB Type-C cable for charging the case and the earbud with the case and a user manual. Other than that, you will get 2 extra pieces of silicone ear tips in different sizes to accommodate a wide variety of ear sizes.


Open the outer box, the headset operation guide appears in front of you. Underneath it is a black liner nestled with the charging case for the built-in headphones and two pairs of earcups. The liner is then lined with accessories.

Open the charging case and find the basic parameters of the charging case inside the lid; the overall black color inside the charging case, a combination of frosted and baked enamel process; the headphones will be taken out and put into the headphones will be found to be placed using magnetic suction; internal molding in accordance with the shape of the headphones; between the headphones and the charging case is a better fit, L and R correctly placed in order to put the headphones.

HiTune X6 is an all-in-ear true wireless Bluetooth headset with the same dark hollow gray and black combined appearance as the charging case. The oval dark hollow gray area is the touch area, with a slightly bulging curved design in the center, which fits closely with the fingers for easy operation and is embellished with a patterned logo; there are three microphones on the single headset for noise cancellation; there are two metal charging contacts at the bottom.

UGREEN HiTune X6 comes with two pairs of earcups of different sizes in addition to the standard earbuds pre-installed on the headphones, so you can choose the right one for you according to the size of your ear canal.

Noise Cancelling

HiTune X6 Bluetooth headset main noise cancellation function, support ANC double active noise cancellation, got noise cancellation depth up to 35dB, normal driving in the city, 30km per hour, did not feel the impact of wind speed.

In order to meet the needs of users on the call noise cancellation, HiTune X6 Bluetooth headset supports six wheat noise cancellation. Its use of single-ear dual-microphone call noise reduction algorithm, through the hardware and software synergy to effectively suppress 90% of the environmental noise.

When I walk in the street, the noise is mixed, usually it is difficult to hear the phone. Wearing HiTune X6 Bluetooth headset through here, make a call to feel no echo, noise and bottom noise in the ear, the call can be clearly transmitted.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is a concern for everyone who buys headphones, UGREEN HiTune X6 uses a 10mm DLC class diamond diaphragm moving coil unit, so that its sound quality is guaranteed to be the greatest. High-quality tuning also did not waste its tweeter configuration, HiTune X6’s three frequencies are very balanced, the bass dive is also explored very deep, the sound around 20Hz are discernible.

The performance of the midrange is outstanding, especially when listening to vocal music, the vocals are very clear, and each lyric is clearly distinguishable. So the experience of watching videos with HiTune X6 is good.

Battery life

I used the HiTune X6 for two weeks and found that its battery life is also very good, single use single headset battery life can reach about 6 hours, with the charging case I used a total of 8 days, 3 hours a day with the publicity in the 26 hours is about the same. Now I use HiTune X6 to solve my commuting problems, and now I enjoy taking the subway more and more. If you want to be as undisturbed as possible in the subway as I do, then it is necessary to choose an active noise cancellation headphones.

Price (Best quietcomfort earbuds under $50)

The Ugreen HiTune X6 adds the hybrid active noise cancelling feature and a re-designed case to increase the attractiveness of the earbuds. At a price of below $50, the X6 is value-for-money with everything that a young consumer needs on their true wireless earbuds – ANC, low latency, powerful sub-bass. Now there is a chance to get it for less than $40 on Amazon.