Unimaginable! Get the Swiitol E6 Pro 6W Laser Engraver for only €149 on Tomtop

Laser engraving is the art of combining precision and creativity. For those looking for a reliable companion in their craft, the Swiitol E6 Pro 6W brings not only performance, but also flexibility and ease of use.

The Swiitol E6 Pro represents a revolutionary approach to laser engraving machine design and performance, offering users not only high quality, but also ease of use and reliability.

One of the key features that sets the Swiitol E6 Pro apart from the competition is its innovative design. The machine’s frame is made of aluminium alloy, ensuring strength and stability, while the simple and clear design makes it easy to handle and install. Thanks to this integrated design, the machine is ready to use straight out of the box, saving time and allowing users to get to work quickly.

Another important feature of the E6 Pro is its ability to minimize vibration and achieve high speeds without slowing down. This enables precise results even when engraving complex designs or working with a variety of materials. The X-axis is made of a double guide rail, which ensures perfect stability during operation. With a speed of up to 36,000 mm/min and a working area of 365 × 305 mm, this machine is ready to meet even the most demanding requirements.

In addition to stable operation and high speed, the Swiitol E6 Pro also offers an ultra-fine laser focal point. With a size of just 0.06 × 0.06 mm, this laser enables detailed and precise engraving with stunning sharpness and finesse. This feature is especially important for creating complex text, patterns and designs that require the utmost precision and detail.

Swiitol E6 Pro: the reliable partner for precision laser engraving and
The combination of innovative design, stable operation and ultra-fine focal point makes the Swiitol E6 Pro the ideal tool for professionals and enthusiasts looking for a reliable and powerful laser engraving machine.

Rich Accessories and Support

The E6 Pro comes with a comprehensive set of accessories to meet diverse engraving needs, including wire anchors, cable clamps, a fixed focus lens, a flash drive, and more. Additional accessories like honeycomb panels, air assists, and air purifiers can be purchased separately.

Why Choose Swiitol?

Swiitol is dedicated to empowering creators by providing reliable, high-quality tools that inspire innovation. With a 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty, Swiitol ensures customer satisfaction and support. Our professional after-sales team is always ready to assist you with any questions or issues.


You can buy the Swiitol E6 Pro engraving machine on the tomtop.com for 149€ with coupon code SWE6P. By subscribing to the Swiitol store you will receive a 5% discount coupon. Delivery from the EU warehouse is free and only takes 3-5 working days.