UWANT X100 Review: The best Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner in 2022

The cleaning appliance market has been very lively in the past few years, and the hottest of them all is the floor scrubber. The floor scrubber has actually been deep in the hearts of consumers for a long time, it can suck and drag, is the perfect replacement for the ordinary vacuum cleaner.

UWANT is revolutionising the world of household cleaners with its innovative and intelligent products. Its latest creation, the UWANT X100 Cordless All In One Floor Cleaner, is a fine example of this. It is an intelligent all-in-one cordless hoover that both vacuums and cleans.

The UWANT brand is dedicated to designing high performance appliances by integrating digital functionalities and conducting cutting-edge research and development. Its slogan New Smart Cleaning is a good proof of this. Through its innovative solutions, it responds to all the difficulties generally encountered in domestic cleaning. Its innovations have also been awarded several patents. So it’s no surprise that the brand is back with its UWANT X100 vacuum cleaner with new capabilities.

This vacuum cleaner features a unique high-pressure air duct. It also features a dual-roll brush that doubles the scrubbing power of the unit. It cleans even the most stubborn stains without the risk of the vacuumed dirt accumulating in the duct. The cleaning power does not diminish during use.

Recently, UWANT provided me with a sample of the X100, and now I’m going to do a review for you. Let’s see if it’s the best Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner in 2022.


Like the other vacuum cleaners of this type that I tested, the box of the UWANT X100 is quite imposing but the difference with the others is that all the accessories inside are arranged in a simple way. I mean, it’s packed sturdily and won’t damage any parts due to long distance shipping.

The box contains the vacuum cleaner with its double rotating brush, a water tank for cleaning, a tank for collecting dirt, a measuring cup, a hepa filter, a cleaning brush, a charging station, a spare brush and a manual.

After a simple assembly, you will be able to use the device quickly. The modular design of the product can minimize the difficulty of assembly for consumers, thus increasing the interest in using it. We can see that only an armrest bar needs to be inserted into the main unit to use the X100.


Once the device and accessories have been unpacked and all plastic bags have been removed, all you have to do is plug in the handle and fill the fresh water tank and you can start cleaning for the first time. I don’t need any familiarization to operate the device, but even newcomers will quickly find their way around the handling.

However, this wears off pretty quickly. Anyone who has already taken a look at the photos or the headline of the article will immediately notice that the wet/dry vacuum cleaner from UWANT draws attention to it with a unique selling point that the previously tested vacuum cleaners cannot show. The UWANT X100 has 2 soft rollers for cleaning.

Double roller brushes design-Clean

The UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner performs cordlessly and thoroughly in everyday life, whether with children or cats. Because the manufacturer relies on a double brush system for more cleanliness compared to devices with only one brush.

Two brushes in the extra-wide base of the vacuum cleaner work on stubborn dirt and completely loosen up even dried-on dirt. The built-in and replaceable Hepa filter effectively binds pollen, house dust mites and other triggers for breathing problems in allergy sufferers or asthmatics.

Double brush system without residue to pick up and remove. Moreover, while the front brush is responsible for damp mopping, the rear brush dries immediately – making the UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner suitable even for sensitive parquet or laminate floors and leaving no unsightly water spots on tiles.

Patented hair cutting device

A vacuum cleaner that damp mops and vacuums must be cleaned regularly and thoroughly to avoid foul odors and remain fully functional. The manufacturer therefore relies on a patented self-cleaning function. This kicks in at the touch of a button as soon as the UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner is mounted on its included station after cleaning.

The front brush, the suction tubes and the underside of the vacuum cleaner are cleaned under running water, which is supplied via a tank. Particularly practical: The cut function integrated into the station also cuts through annoying hairs that have wrapped around the brush in the course of self-cleaning

Start it easily with one touch, keep the machine upright

UWANT X100 has a unique double roller brush wide-body design. The machine can be suspended at any time when it is vertically erected during the cleaning process, and the machine can stand intelligently; the machine can be easily started with one hand by pulling down, no need to step on the foot, and no need to manually press the power button.

Flexible Dual Shaft, Free Cleaning

But even damp mishaps can be picked up and removed without leaving any residue with the dual brush system. Moreover, while the front brush is responsible for damp mopping, the rear brush dries immediately – making the UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner suitable even for sensitive parquet or laminate floors and leaving no unsightly water spots on tiles.

Effortless cleaning is also promised by the 360° Power Assist with powerful support for lateral forward and backward movements.

This allows the wet vacuum to be operated with just one finger in case of doubt and also gets into hard-to-reach corners of the room. Thanks to the dual-shaft design, the UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner can also remain upright and provides more flexibility in everyday life without having to lean against walls or furniture during a cleaning break.

600ml large capacity clean water tank

For the wiping function, the UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner has a total of two water tanks with a capacity of 600 ml for fresh and dirty water. The manufacturer supplies a cleaning agent including a measuring cup with the order.

An infrared sensor is also used, which analyzes the degree of soiling of the brushes and thus determines the amount of water that is dispensed from the fresh water tank. The suction function is also optimally adjusted depending on the amount of water.

LED Smart Screen

Of course, UWANT has given its flagship wet vacuum cleaner a display that shows all important and necessary information directly to the user. The display is rotated by 90°. This ensures that everything important can be read directly during operation.

In addition to the battery capacity with a decimal point in front, the user is shown any error messages, as well as which cleaning mode you are in. The ring display, which shows the intensity of the suction power, has more or less already gotten around and thus must not be missing, of course.

By the way, the display is delivered from the factory with a protective foil, which can still be seen on the photos due to the adhesive strip. Furthermore, the brass-colored border of the display is clearly visible.

On a round color LED display, the UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner shows users all the important information: Dirt level, cleaning modes (wipe, suction or turbo mode), battery and water level. If the smart vacuum cleaner is in its station after cleaning, the display also shows the status of self-cleaning.

44 minutes long battery life

The manufacturer uses batteries in the UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner that are also used by the automotive industry, for example in e-cars. The company uses eight so-called 21700 batteries with a capacity of 4000 mAh each, which have a larger capacity than 18650 batteries that are often used in other cordless vacuum cleaner solutions and are considered the predecessor of the 21700 batteries.

The latter offer a longer runtime, which is why the UWANT X100 cordless all-in-one wet-dry vacuum cleaner can be used for up to 44 minutes at a stretch before it has to be recharged via the charging station.

According to the manufacturer, one charge lasts three hours and provides cleaning of up to 300 square meters at a stretch. A turbo mode for stubborn dirt is also available.


The UWANT X100 is a good mop vacuum cleaner, which is easy to control due to its two rollers. It cleans the floor reliably and also copes with dried stains. Only the edge cleaning is not solved too elegantly and it could also be given a higher-quality look.

The highlight for me is the really uniquely smooth cleaning thanks to the additional rollers in the brush head, as well as the successful integration of dry vacuuming. The device is really a joy to use, even if you can carry it to the place of use rather than push it. The presence of the hair trimmer in the charging station is another feature of the X100 that should not go unnoticed, even if I have not been able to find any real blessing for this with me to date.

As for the price, I will provide you with a private coupon and you will get it at the lowest price on the whole web. The original price is $499 and now the sale price is for a final deal price of just $349.00. (Active from Oct 27)

UWANT has obtained TUV certification. After everyone purchases, the products will be shipped from the local warehouse. If you have any questions during use, you can contact the official in time. UWANT has an overseas after-sales department, which can solve the problem in time.