Walk the dog like a Marvel superhero with an Xiaomi automatic leash

Marvel’s movie universe is probably at the peak of its popularity. Each new film breaks the cash records. Xiaomi company continues to delight fans of films about superheroes with thematic accessories. Today was presented an original novelty for pets, namely for dogs. The automatic leash is presented in two styles – Captain America and Black Panther. Now you can take your favorite pet for a walk as a superhero.

Dimensions of automatic leash – 93x161x50 mm. The accessory is made of high quality ABS plastic. Over time, does not lose its color, the image is not erased. On the front of the strap there is an LED lamp with a brightness of 100 lumens. It is able to illuminate the way at a distance of up to 5 meters. The headband is equipped with a battery of 800 mAh, which acts as a power source for the lamp.

The strap is made of durable fabric with a reflective surface. Therefore, it is very convenient to walk your dog in the dark on such a leash. An innovative belt braking system has been implemented. All you have to do is press a special button. Smoothing of braking is carried out.

Around the logos of the Captain of America and the Black Panthers there is also LED backlighting. The approximate cost of the new product is $61.99. In terms of performance characteristics of this accessory for pets noticeably exceeds the market analogues.