Xiaolang TDS automatic water dispenser

Water is part of a living organism. A person needs to consume about 2 litres of water daily. People are increasingly concerned about their health, so the quality of drinking water plays an important role. For example, water is purchased in special bottles. For convenient use of such containers you need a pump or dispenser.

Xiaomi strives to make human life more comfortable and better. That’s why you can always find something useful on the crowdfunding site of Xiaomi. Now there is a fundraiser for an automatic dispenser called Xiaolang TDS. The device is delivered under the model number HD-ZDCSJ01.

The metering unit has a minimalist design. The matt surface is made in white. Of course, such a gadget will not be superfluous in any house. The dispenser is equipped with a water purifier, which saves water from various impurities. And the main feature of Xiaolang TDS is the ability to check the quality of water in real time.

The automatic water dispenser allows the user to know about soluble salts, ionic organic compounds and heavy metal ions contained in water. The lower the value, the cleaner the water is. The dispenser is equipped with a color indicator that shows the level of contamination.

The dispenser that appeared on the Xiaomi site has a long battery life. On one charge the device can pump about 144.9L of water. Charging is carried out within 3 hours. A special light bulb will inform about the need to recharge.

The user does not need to make any effort to pump up the water. There is a button on top of the housing that starts the fluid supply by pressing it. Xiaolang TDS itself has a display that indicates the amount of water poured in. The gadget is silent.