Xiaomi and Huawei decided to conquer the home printer market?

Xiaomi and Huawei decided to conquer the home printer market?

In the World Wide Web is rapidly gaining momentum rumor that the mighty Chinese corporations Xiaomi and Huawei decided to pay close attention to a new segment of electronics for themselves – the home printer market.

And this is extremely interesting information, since if rumors turn out to be true, it could significantly shake the existing balance in this market, where such venerable players as HP, Epson and Canon dominate.

After all, most likely, Xiaomi will adhere to its policy of extremely low prices, which will make its promotion extremely aggressive and maximally user-oriented.

Let’s add here the love of the Xiaomi and MiJia ecosystem to the transformation of conventional technology into an intelligent one, as well as the integration of gadgets into the “Smart House” system.

The result is an extremely interesting situation in which the old players will most likely have to play by the rules of the Chinese brand.

Well, or offer something fundamentally new and juicy. In any case, the picture for us with you is extremely attractive. Therefore, we will closely follow the development of this situation!


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