Xiaomi Fizz Utility Knife

Today, Xiaomi introduced the new Fizz universal knife with a metal blade. It provides quality cutting at a 30 degree angle. The foldable design helps to maintain compact dimensions. Approximate cost of the novelty is 115 rubles. Stationery knife is made of high quality aluminum alloy, cut from eight sides. Transition between rounded edges is natural. The black matt body looks harmonious. On the case there is the manufacturer’s logo.

The knife blade is made of high carbon steel. The replacement head consists of 7 different parts. It is equipped with a 30 degree sharp tip. The design provides for automatic locking of the blade. Therefore, maximum safety is guaranteed. The ejection of the blade depends directly on the pressure amplitude.

The suspension design keeps the blade at a distance of 1 mm from the body. The lack of contact between these elements significantly extends the service life of the office knife. A key feature of Xiaomi Fizz is the significantly improved sliding of the blade on the inner surface of the housing. This innovative solution makes this knife a priority choice among other similar knives on the market.

The blade is ground to perfection. Therefore, there are no problems or difficulties during cutting. The novelty will be available in two colors – black and grey.