Xiaomi H600G water purifier, using new composite filter, double water outlet

In the current mainstream water purifier market, the general existence of 400G, 600G, 800G, 1000G or higher flux of products, flux is greater, the faster the water flow, the shorter the waiting time for water. 400G flux of water purifier as a mainstream product, has always been the highest sales specifications, but in recent years, with the higher specifications of the product price drop, and the user to use experience The quest is gradually improving. 600G is growing at a significant rate and is about to become the new most popular throughput level.

Compared to 400G, 600G is half as fast as 400G, and the price is only slightly higher, so it’s more suitable for users who want to use it for a better experience.

Compared to the previous product, the Mijia H600G also has a “dual outlet” feature. The so-called double outlet, refers to the faucet drinking water switch outside, an additional life water switch. The tap water is only filtered through the composite filter without going through the RO cartridge, which does not consume the life of the RO cartridge and does not produce waste water.

The original purpose of this feature is to provide a lower-cost, more convenient water purification option for scenarios that do not require straight drinking water, such as dishwashing and washing dishes, so that one water purifier can become two.

The Mijia H 600G also responds to the current trend in the water purification industry by combining the filter cartridge into two. Compared to the traditional four cartridges, the dual cartridge design can greatly reduce the frequency of cartridge replacement, so that users do not have to be confused when replacing.

Although reducing the number of filters, but the product’s filtration level has been enhanced – from the previous 4-stage filtration upgraded to 6-stage filtration, also using RO reverse osmosis technology, so the filtration effect is not compromised at all, thanks to the new design of the composite filter.

Outside of the main specifications, the Mi Water Filter H600G has also been upgraded for ease of use. To make it easier for users to replace the filter cartridge, the filter cartridge has been moved to the side so that users can easily replace the cartridge without having to move the machine like a top extractor.

At the same time, the pipeline interface of this product has also been changed to the top, reducing the pipeline bending, and making the installation work easier to operate; most importantly, Xiaomi H600G also greatly reduced the size of the body, its height is only 351mm, which can be adapted to a variety of under kitchen space, even under the sink can also accommodate, friends who could not fit the water purifier before can also try.

Overall, the H600G is a brand new product that has been upgraded in many specifications and details. This product upgrade also reflects Xiaomi’s level of research and improved user experience, and is a true “user oriented” product.