Xiaomi Igrow Natural Wood Study Table And Chair

Today, Xiaomi eco chain officially announced the start of retail sales of furniture sets for Igrow Natural Wood students. The estimated cost of this novelty is 13 000 rubles. The training table differs from its analogues in its multifunctionality. The manufacturer also worried about the safety, comfort and health of children who will do their homework sitting at this table. In the production process, only natural wood was used, which was purchased from Russia. If necessary, you can adjust the height of the tabletop and its angle of inclination.

Xiaomi Igrow Natural Wood is a portable product. Furniture headset is designed for children height of 110-180 centimeters. The backrest of the chair can also be adjusted. For example, it can be tilted back so that the child leans over. It will allow to avoid curvature of a backbone. If the child needs to perform a written task, then it is better to use the angle of inclination of the table top up to 15 degrees. For reading, lift it higher – up to about 30 degrees.

Today the retail sales of this set will start in China. Perhaps in the future, the product will be available for purchase in other countries. The table is equipped with a lot of various drawers and shelves. The manufacturer has used magnetic hinges to provide maximum capacity. The seat of the chair is made of quality material, resistant to wear and tear and to all kinds of stains. The novelty will be available in three different colors: green, white and pink.