Xiaomi MIX 10 with MIUI 15 system will be released in the second half of 2020

On June 17, Xiaomi officials accidentally exposed MIX 10 and MIUI 15.

It is reported that stickers of MIX 10 and MIUI 15 appear on the data wall shared by Xiaomi’s official social accounts, implying that Xiaomi’s next generation MIX flagship is named Xiaomi MIX 10, while MIUI 15 means that this is the version of the next generation MIUI.

According to previously disclosed information, Xiaomi seems to have a flagship mobile phone with a super-large cup this year, which may be named Xiaomi 10 Pro+. It may use a 120Hz AMOLED display screen, which will be Xiaomi’s first flagship 120Hz OLED screen.

Considering that this year is the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi’s establishment, it is entirely possible that the next generation of MIX flagship will be named MIX 10. Before that, Xiaomi’s flagship digital series skipped “7” and named it “8” on the 8th anniversary.

This also means that the MIX flagship will be released in the second half of this year, thus speculating that Xiaomi may have three flagship models in the second half of this year: Xiaomi MIX 10, Xiaomi MIX 10 Pro and Xiaomi 10 Pro +, and it may also be Xiaomi MIX 10, Xiaomi MIX 10 Pro and Xiaomi MIX 10 Pro +.

As for MIUI, judging from the exposed information, the next generation of MIUI version will be named MIUI 15, skipping the numbers “13” and “14”.

It is worth noting that Xiaomi’s official microblog has deleted such pictures, which seems to imply that MIX 10 and MIUI 15 are correct information and are worth looking forward to.