Xiaomi Mollinks Electric Motorcycle Fengchao Double Edition crowdfunding opened

This morning Xiaomi eco network announced the launch of crowdfunding of electric motorcycle Mollinks. The developers have managed to achieve optimal performance. The estimated cost of the new product is 70,000 rubles. Electric motorcycle Xiaomi Mollinks will be presented in four versions: Changxiang Edition, Fengchao Edition, Changxiang Double Edition and Fengchao Double Edition. Each model differs in power and cost.

All new Xiaomi motorcycles are equipped with Bosch engines. Nominal motor power ranges from 800 W to 1200 W, depending on the configuration. Maximum speed is 45-55 km/h. Users can adjust the driving speed. The manufacturer offers three modes: economy (up to 25 km/h), sports (35 km/h) and extreme (55 km/h). Xiaomi has introduced a special overtaking mechanism. It can be switched on for 1 minute. Wait 10 seconds to reactivate this mechanism.

Mollinks motorcycles are equipped with a powerful lithium battery. Thanks to the battery the vehicle is able to overcome the distance of 145 km without recharging, provided that the speed does not exceed the mark of 25 km / h. The battery is flexible in use. The manufacturer has implemented a backup power supply, which can be activated at any time.

Driving this vehicle legally requires a driver’s license. The novelty will be available in several colors.