Xiaomi presents a new mosquito killer with the face of the Mona Lisa

Although Xiaomi is well known for being a company that launches large smartphones with incredible and powerful internal specifications, it is also known that it is capable of presenting and launching products of different categories, ranging from very sophisticated things to very simple products. Having said that, he decided to launch into the market a very basic but essential product in a home, and it is a mosquito killer with a design … Artistic.

Last year, Xiaomi launched a product dedicated to the elimination of mosquitoes, the Xiaomi ZMI Mosquito Killer Dispeller, so it was to be expected that, at some point, it would launch a product to accompany it. Now, this new mosquito killer, although it has a generic body, comes with a special detail at the design level, and is that in its upper part, being what is used to kill mosquitoes, is “printed” the face of the Mona Lisa, that famous work of art made by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Having said that, the mosquito killer in general is very basic, having a body made of plastic, a base to be placed on almost any surface and a top that has 1311 micro holes, thus improving its resistance against the air and forming the famous face of the painting.

With regard to availability and price, this new mosquito killer from Xiaomi will come with versions in dark green, orange and blue. On the other hand, it will have a low price of $2, and will go on sale within a few days in China.