Xiaomi produces an aquarium with backlight and humidifier

The product is designed by the Xiaomi eco-network. Directly in charge of production was Beijing Technology, which specializes in the creation of all kinds of goods for animals. The new aquarium differs from the previous model in its compact size – 260x135x280 mm. The aquarium is made of high-quality transparent ABS-plastic. Sold together with a special filter for water. It has a long service life.

The filter power is 5 watts. It is connected via a standard USB connector. It can also be connected to a portable rechargeable battery. At the top is a compact humidifier – 91×70 mm. The aquarium is equipped with lighting, which makes its appearance more aesthetic. The approximate cost of the novelty is $54.99. The device will go on sale in several variations. For example, the humidifier can be replaced with artificial algae, which will help reduce the cost of goods. In our online store users can buy an Xiaomi aquarium at the most affordable price.