Xiaomi tonometer with touch screen control system

This morning the crowdfunding blood pressure tonometer was opened. The main features – support for Wi-Fi, a large 5.2-inch display, affordable price. The approximate price of the new device is 2500 rubles. Developers have significantly improved the scheme of pressure measurement. The new tonometer takes measurements with a minimum error.

All you have to do is press a single button to start the pressure measurement. There are several interesting features available exclusively in China. For example, online consultation with a doctor. The user measures the main parameters and then sends them to a specialist. The doctor will contact the user in a few minutes to answer all the questions. However, without this function, the tonometer will be one of the best devices in this segment.

5.2-inch liquid crystal display with acrylic lens provides a wide viewing angle and high quality picture. The screen displays blood pressure, pulse and several other important indicators. Touch control of the tonometer is simple and clear. Therefore, users will not have any problems with this.

To make full use of the tonometer’s functionality, connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Users have access to several applications for in-depth diagnostics of their body. An option to synchronize with your smartphone has been implemented. Battery capacity is 2200 mAh. Full charge will be enough for 150 pressure measurements.