Xiaomi will release a toothbrush with touchscreen and built-in Mi Band 3?

Yesterday the announcement was published, according to which on June 3 Xiaomi and Huami will present a joint product. The foreign media agreed that it is a smart watch AMAZFIT, aimed at fans of the popular film “Avengers”. However, this is not the only product that will be presented on Monday. Today it became known that companies are investing in the creation of a superhero toothbrush with an integrated touch screen. The product will appear on sale under the Oclean brand. This organization specializes in the production of toothbrushes.

Of course, the main feature of the novelty is the presence of a touch screen. However, it is hard not to mention the design. Every child dreams that his day begins with a joint work with the Captain America or Iron Man. As for functionality, the new device can be called a hybrid of fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and electric toothbrush.

First, the gadget is synchronized with the mobile device. In a special application on your smartphone you can set a schedule for brushing teeth. There is a notification system that ensures that the child does not forget to brush his teeth. Smart software is able to evaluate the effectiveness of brushing. Points are awarded for each session. Routine hygienic procedure to turn into a real game, which will please the child.

Various images are displayed on the brush screen via the application. Of course, it’s mostly about the wallpaper, which shows superheroes. Today, this topic is extremely popular. The timing of the release of the product and its cost is still unknown. However, the situation will become clear in the near future.