Xiaomi will release the first Mijia refrigerator

Xiaomi’s eco-network has previously released refrigerators, but products in this segment were sold under third-party brands: Viomi, Euna, CHIQ, etc. However, now the Chinese manufacturer plans to release a refrigerator under its own brand. Mijia products have always been distinguished by the optimal ratio of affordable price and high quality. According to rumors, the developers are creating a multi-functional refrigerator with support for artificial intelligence technology, with which it will be possible to control other elements of the Xiaomi Smart Home system.

In the latest announcement, it was said that the Chinese manufacturer will introduce the new product on October 11th. Foreign media and insiders are sure that we are talking about the refrigerator. Unfortunately, there are no other details about this new product. Perhaps in the next few days there will be new teasers that reveal technical specifications.