Xiaomi Youpin Launches Five Smart Disinfection lamp

Xiaomi’s eco-network launched crowdfunding of an unusual product – this is a lamp consisting of two ultraviolet tubes. After turning on the device, they heat up, providing air disinfection. In case of detection of dangerous viruses for the human body, the gadget will notify the user about this. The cleaning ratio is 99%. The gadget effectively removes all harmful bacteria from the air. The room becomes as safe as possible for our health.

The Xiaomi Five Smart Disinfection lamp takes up a minimum of free space. Its dimensions are 245x120x120 mm. The 35-watt air disinfecting device is compatible with the Mi Home app, so the gadget can be controlled remotely. Implemented support for proprietary voice assistant. The manufacturer carefully thought out the design of the lamp. The rectangular shape allows air to pass through 360 °. Ideal for use in rooms with an area of ​​20-30m².

All operating parameters can be adjusted from a smartphone. For example, you can schedule to automatically turn on / off the device. A notification about the identification of a dangerous virus is accompanied by a sound signal, and a notification in the application on the smartphone. The lamp is equipped with two Philips UV tubes. Inside them is mercury.

The service life of the disinfecting device is 9000 hours. The start of retail sales is scheduled for March 5.