Zotac Zbox Edge – a new range of mini PC

Zotac will be present at Computex this year as it is every year. But just to be sure, the brand is announcing new Mini-PC solutions with the ZBox Edge. A very compact chassis and a very wide dissipation that can give hope for fanless solutions.

We do not yet know all the details of this new range from the manufacturer, but these ZBox Edge clearly play the card of finesse. Equipped with Intel Core chips, these machines seem to be available in several chassis models.

This widely openwork chassis with the brand’s usual hexagonal openings offers a fairly wide connectivity. For example, there are no less than three video outputs with one HDMI and two Display Ports on the rear side.

Two USB 3.1 Type-A ports and one Gigabit Ethernet. A port for a removable antenna will be used to deploy a module that should be a classic Wifi5. On the front panel, we discover the start button, a USB 3.1 Type-A port and a USB 3.1 Type-C port in addition to a 3.5 mm jack port for connecting a headset and a microphone.

The manufacturer seems to be targeting the Zotac Edge for Edge Computing, an interesting choice but one that doesn’t fit well with the presence of such a connector. Why a Type-C USB plug? Why three such video ports for a machine processing mainly network data? I suppose that different versions of the device could exist to address different uses. Two machine formats at the chassis level already seem to exist according to the images in the press release.