Amazing! 2K display Laptop XIDU Philbook Pro just for $349.99

The XIDU Philbook Pro is a perfect combination of portable design, affordable features, and a powerful setup with an 11.6 inch widescreen. The maximum screen resolution that you can expect from this laptop is 2560*1440 Max Screen Resolution: 2560*1440. It has an super slim profile which is around 0.6 inches with a sleek design that is easy to carry around and slips into the bag easily without occupying much space. It is powered with Intel processor with 6GB RAM and 128 GB SSD storage for performance that you expect from your daily activities. The model and design of this laptop include a space gray metal body with a silver frame and a large screen and a large screen proportion. This laptop offers a multi-touch facility and is made with 360° flip design.

The graphics coprocessor used in the laptop is Intel HD Graphics 500 and Intel J3355 Quad-Core 2.0GHz Processor that is ideal for someone who wants to use the laptop for design purpose. Windows 10 comes pre-installed with no bloatware, which gives you the best browsing experience. The average battery life of this laptop is around 6 hours, which is sufficient enough for someone who works on it for long hours. The kit comes with a user guide and a power adapter along with the laptop. Another feature is the backlit keyboard which gets illuminated to give you better visibility when there is low light and gives comfort to the eyes allowing you to work without any strain.

Watch what you love with high clarity and detail. The laptop has a saturated color from edge to edge with a full HD display. The touch screen allows you to surf, organize, edit, and swipe easily with your fingers. As the laptop is foldable, it can be used in different modes, which are as follows:

  • Laptop (Normal) Mode: Fully-functional keyboard to maximize productivity in work.
  • Tent (Work) Mode: Perfect to use in compact spaces such as when you are on an airplane or when you are multi-tasking.
  • Display (Watching) Mode: Ideal when you want to watch entertainment content.
  • Tablet (Entertainment) Mode: Perfect when you want to browse the Internet, play games, and share information at the same time.

The XIDU Philbook Pro is a stylish and handy laptop which can be used according to your convenience and promises you great performance from the very first time you use it for your work. Now the Aliexpress 8.28 promotion is underway, you can get this great laptop for a very low price. Or use coupons on amazon to get a $40 discount.

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