Buy FIIDO D2 16 Inch Folding Eletric Bicycle for $514.99 at TOMTOP

Previously we have analyzed a good number of models of electric bicycles aimed at an audience with fewer economic possibilities and the truth is that there are already many options for good performance that deserve to be taken into account. One of them corresponds to Fiido, who for these months offers its second generation: Fiido D2.

FIIDO D2 Electric Bicycle

Fiido D2 is an electric bicycle of medium range that stands out for combining a good quality in its external materials at the same time that it adds three modes of operation so that the users with desire to make a little exercise or those without desire to make physical effort can move along the city.

Following in the footsteps of the first model, Fiido D2 once again uses an aluminium alloy in its external structure, which is appreciated not only to look good, but also to guarantee greater resistance over time. On this occasion users can choose between two colours, dark grey and white, always with their wheels, handlebars and seat in black.

FIIDO D2 Electric Bicycle

As can be seen in the images, the vehicle is designed with a modern aesthetic where the distance between the floor and the seat is quite close so that the overall dimensions of the bicycle are kept small. However, there is complete freedom for the user to modify the seat elevation in a way that makes it comfortable.

Once again there is an LED light on the front that allows a good visualization even in situations with little natural light or at night. Its format also allows it to be dismantled exactly in half so that it takes up much less space when it comes to storing it at home. Thus, the overall dimensions of 130 x 35 x 110 cm can be carried up to 75 x 65 cm, while its weight remains at 19.5 kilograms.

FIIDO D2 Electric Bicycle

Unlike other electric vehicles, Fiido D2 includes a 250W power engine that allows the configuration of three conventional performance modes. The first corresponds to the classic pedal that makes it easier to continue using the bicycle as a lifetime, the second is a mixed mode that helps physical effort with electric energy, and the third is the purely electric where you do not need to move your legs.

Logically these configurations also depend on the performance of its integrated battery, which is a 7.8 Ah Lithium-Ion that can vary between 30 kilometers and 60 kilometers depending on the use that the user gives. It is also officially indicated that its recharging process requires a considerable time of 5 hours.

FIIDO D2 Electric Bicycle

Finally, the model is able to climb slopes of up to 25 degrees so that there is nothing to worry about during journeys on surfaces that are not completely smooth, while the feeling of stability is maintained at all times through 16-inch tyres with a surface oriented to support different types of soil.

Compared to the previous model, Fiido D1, it’s hard to find noticeable changes so it’s worth thinking about a mandatory jump to its next generation. For example, elements such as the dual braking disc that ensure an automatic brake at close range or its ability to support people up to 125 kilograms in weight are identical.

Thus, the user may feel a little more driving safety through tyres that are 2 inches larger in Fiido D2, but on the other hand its maximum speed of 25 km/h and its already mentioned range of up to 60 km in mixed mode are slightly below the results offered in the first vehicle.

Cloned - FIIDO D2 Electric Bicycle

In conclusion, the performance offered by the brand is more than interesting for those seeking an electric bicycle balanced between final cost and components, so choosing the D1 or D2 corresponds to an aesthetic taste of the user and which offers a better price at that particular time of purchase.

To buy the Fiido D2 is possible to do so through various online stores, such as with a discount of 61% on its original price throughout this week and with limited units on sale. So, you can get it just for $514.99.