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Nearly a week ago, some Weibo social networking images showed up with a toothbrush with an OLED touchscreen display, which was said to be produced by Xiaomi. Recently, it has made its presence in Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, and in a few hours it has managed to raise the amount needed to start mass production.

Xiaomi Oclean X

It’s Oclean X, the world’s first toothbrush with touchscreen. I did not have time to check the accuracy of this information, especially since I have never seen a touchscreen toothbrush before, so it’s possible for Oclean to be the first. If it is not, please contradict me.

Xiaomi Oclean X

I have to admit I like the idea of ​​Oclean even though I do not know how useful that screen is in reality. Most likely, that display is thought to replace the phone. Keep your eyes off the phone for information on brushing, autonomy, or when head replacement is needed. Now all this information is available on the integrated screen. I do not say it looks very good, it makes the electric toothbrush a cool gadget that many will end up wanting.

Xiaomi Oclean X

Obviously, all information and statistics can also be tracked with the dedicated application. Like design, Oclean X is similar to the models in the Chinese manufacturer’s portfolio. In addition to that screen, the toothbrush also provides some brushing improvements, with 32 levels of intensity that can be set according to each person’s preferences and needs. The built-in gyroscope can identify and monitor 8 areas in the oral cavity, reminding you of notifications and those you missed brushing.

Xiaomi Oclean X

It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and can be used with any Android or iOS phone. Unlike previous models, at Oclean X the loading dock can be caught on the wall, so the brush will no longer occupy the place of the bathroom shelf. The battery has a capacity of 800 mAh, and that means the brush can be used even one month after a full charge. According to the manufacturer it is loaded into its special support in 2 hours.

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