Compal Envision is a 13.5 inch diagonal model that works with a keyboard dock

If we could cross Compal Duo360 and Duo360 X a few days ago, the brand also offered a second model of dual screen laptop at IF Design. This is the Compal Envision, a 13.5 inch diagonal model that works with a keyboard dock.

We find a machine with two 13.5 inch screens assembled around a hinge opening on 360°. The Compal Envision can therefore be used in tablet mode, in almost classic portable and in “tent” mode to meet two-to-face around touch screens. Displays that will offer both capacitive support and support for a stylus, allowing them to be used in many different ways.

The Compal Envision is therefore not really different from other machines of its kind, a priori. The secret of this proposal lies in the keyboard dock provided. An object that will only be used in sedentary mode since it will offer to position the machine “standing”. That is to say by positioning the two screens facing you in an almost vertical adjustment. The bottom screen is positioned at an angle of 45° while the top screen is facing you at 90°.

This allows you to find an original dual screen layout, even if you can hardly imagine this kind of mobility solution. It’s more of a keyboard dock to keep in your bag and to go out once you arrive at the office or at home, but you can hardly imagine going out to a cafe or to your train seat. For these uses, the dual screen format will be more obvious even if the loss of the physical keyboard will not be more practical. The Envision dock is positioned under the machine once folded for easy transport, the stylus on the other hand has not found its place in the machine.

This type of solution may make sense for specific uses of your machine, but it remains very specialized. I am not sure that comfort is necessarily there with this type of arrangement. Another question, what will be the autonomy of the whole? With two 13.5 inch IPS touch screens, a battery would have a lot to do to offer long-term use.

In short, this machine is once again a concept, Compal offers it but I am not sure, once again, that it can find a commercial outlet.