Compal Duo360 and Duo360 X: Dual Screen Concept Notebook

The Compal Duo360 and Duo360 X are concepts also presented for the IF Design competition by the brand. Like the PivoBook, FullVision and Voyager, they will not necessarily be offered one day by one of the manufacturer’s partners but are used above all to show their know-how.

The Compal Duo360 is a 13.3 inch double screen separated by a hinge. We are therefore left with a dual touch screen system, one of which is compatible with an active stylus for drawing or writing directly on its surface. The tiles are IPS type and will offer the usual range of positions for this type of hinged machine over 360°.

The idea is to be able to use the machine in tent mode for two people, in tablet mode or as a standard laptop. But to avoid having to tap on a touch screen, Compal has added to the equation a keyboard which will be positioned over one of the two screens but which can also be used wirelessly.

So we find a classic 13.3 inch laptop when the Compal Duo360 is used in mobility and the space available is not huge. When the user has more room in front of him, he can position the machine upright or flat for various uses. With a 180 ° opening it is possible to draw on a screen and position the keyboard next to it to take advantage of effective keyboard shortcuts on its drawing software.

The difference between the Compal Duo360 and the Duuo360 X is in the presence of a stand on the back of the X model. This allows the machine to be positioned vertically for use in double overlapping screens.

I find the idea excellent even if once again I have no idea of ​​the impact of this type of solution on the autonomy of the machine. Or even the overall feasibility of the project. This is the difference between Compal and other machine manufacturers. The manufacturer ODM does not take too many risks to offer its ideas to an organization like IF Design. The general public does not know the brand and its customers are professionals. No one will beg Compal for the release of these devices. It is possible that laptops of the same type are being prepared by other manufacturers who have to be a little more discreet on their outings to avoid disturbing their calendar.