Mafam M1 with dual-purpose smart wristband and Bluetooth Headset from Coolicool

It is sure that the title will look strange to you. Me to see where the first in Coolicool! The Mafam M1 I guess is a wearable that wanted to become a wireless headset! Anyway, the result is definitely unique and very impressive!

The Mafam M1 is basically like I told you a Smart Wristband with Bluetooth Headsets! Made from TPU, it has a 0.96 inch color TFT touch screen. It has both Android and iOS connectivity. The connection is via Bluetooth 5.0. has a TI processor. Its dimensions are 48 x 35 x 12.4mm and weighs 300g along with cordless headphones. The battery that has the Mafam M1 has a capacity of 110mAh, allowing you to have a standby time of 7 – 15 days!

The Mafam M1 is waterproof and has the IP67 certification. Thanks to the large color screen, you see everything more distinctly and of course color! The features we find to support the Mafam M1 are all we would like to have a wearable and some more. So, in addition to a pacemaker, pulse counting, sleep recording, notifications from various applications, SMS, show you time, alarms, calories, distance you have, it has the ability to measure pressure, find a phone if it departs a lot and other features.

Of course, it also has wireless Bluetooth headsets that charge within the wearable. I do not know if they have a separate battery or wearable ones because we do not have any information from the store or company. Also, if you see on the video, it does not seem to be as thick as someone would think, something very pleasant. I hope, however, to send me one and show it to you. It will be very interesting, since as an idea it is innovative and certainly unique!

The Mafam M1 is right now on sale from the Coolicool and you can get it for just $70.99. The price can seem a bit steep, but that’s the fate of all the somewhat unique solutions to be priced a bit higher than usual. So check it out in case you want too see and try something a bit different.


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