Alfawise D751

Alfawise D751
Brand: Alfawise
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Power voltage: 100 - 240V
  • 2: Built-in battery: Li-ion 2200mAh
  • 3: Suction: 800Pa
  • 4: Noise: 67dB
  • 5: Working time: 120min
  • 6: Climbing height: less than 1cm

Alfawise D751 - Specs

Product Details

  • Features
    4 main cleaning mode
    Intelligent obstacle detection
    Dry and wet application
    Easy charging
    Time setting function
    Quiet working
  • Specification
    - Noise: 67dB
    - Power voltage: 100 - 240V
    - Remote controller battery: 2 x AAA ( not included )
    - Built-in battery: Li-ion 2200mAh
    - Suction: 800Pa
    - Dust box capacity: 500ml
    - Water tank capacity: 60ml
    - Charging time: 3 - 4hours
    - Working time: 120min
    - Climbing height: less than 1cm
  • Package content
    1 x Alfawise D751 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    1 x Charging Base
    1 x Remote Controller ( battery not included )
    4 x Brush
    1 x Filter
    2 x Mop Cloth
    1 x Charging Adapter
    1 x Water Tank
    1 x User Manual

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8.5 4.3 1
  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Battery 8 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

Alfawise D751 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot Vacuum Cleaner have made a clean start in recent years. More and more users are only too happy to do without the annoying statement of regular vacuuming. But unfortunately it is well known that vacuuming is not enough. While carpets can be cleaned satisfactorily with this method in the long run, hard floors show dirt in the long run, which cannot be removed with dry cleaning methods. Moist wiping is indispensable here.

In the meantime, some manufacturers also offer the suitable alternative to classic suction robots in the form of wiping robots. They use water, optional cleaning additives and cleaning cloths in various ways to clean hard floors wet.

The Alfawise D751 goes one step further here: it combines a classic suction robot with a wiping robot as alternative functions in one unit.

As a suction robot, the Alfawise D751 does exactly what is expected of it: with its particularly powerful electric motor, it can effortlessly handle hard floors of all kinds as well as carpets, and thanks to the extra power compared to other suction robots, it can even do without a central brush roller. Two side-mounted brush heads transport loose dirt, even directly at edges and from corners under the unit housing, where it is sucked up by the powerful vacuum cleaner.

The Alfawise D751 stores the collected dirt in a 0.75 litre collecting container, the so-called dust chamber, which can be removed with a simple handle and thus emptied comfortably.

The Alfawise D751 shows its strength in its versatility. The suction robot can be transformed into a wiping robot in just a few simple steps. The dust cassette is replaced with a water tank. A suitable microfiber cloth is attached to the housing with flexible loops. Automatically moistened from the 300 ml tank, the Alfawise D751 pulls this cloth over the floor and thus cleans the section of road that has been travelled. The water tank can be removed just as easily as the dust chamber and simply filled under the tap. If the water tank is used, the Alfawise D751 detects it and automatically deactivates the suction function.

The autonomy of the Alfawise D751 is guaranteed not only by the navigation programs and the associated sensors, but also by the independent, automatic power supply. The built-in rechargeable battery allows an operating time of up to 130 minutes with a total charging time of four hours.

When the cleaning task has been completed or when the battery reaches its capacity limit, the Alfawise D751 automatically searches for the appropriate charging station, controls it, couples up with it and automatically charges the battery. With its battery capacity, the Alfawise D751 is recommended for apartments up to 100 square meters of surface to be cleaned.

The motor of the Alfawise D751 is comparatively loud in suction operation with around 68 dB, but this is offset by a high suction power.

A 2-fold particle filter consisting of a simple foam filter and a HEPA filter retains fine dust particles when the vacuum cleaner is in operation and thus also protects allergy sufferers from swirled up dust and pollen.

The Alfawise D751 can optionally be operated via function keys on the top of the unit, which is also equipped with a display that allows easy adjustment and provides important information about the unit. In addition, a radio remote control is included in the scope of delivery, which can be used to make all settings. This also includes time control, which makes it possible to set the exact time and day of the week when the Alfawise D751 should start work.

The Alfawise D751 is supplied by the manufacturer with everything required for long-term use of the device.

Alfawise D751

In addition to the actual device with dust cassette and water tank, the charging station with EU charging cable, the remote control including a set of suitable batteries and a German operating manual, the scope of delivery consists of a total of two microfibre cloths, two HEPA filter inserts, two spare brush heads (the first set is already mounted on delivery) and a cleaning brush.

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