Alfawise RTB200

Alfawise RTB200
Brand: Alfawise
Category: Gadget
  • Feature 1: 48000rpm frequency sonic
  • Feature 2: One-click 3 brushing mode switch
  • Feature 3: Quality DuPont brush bristles
  • Feature 4: IPX7 waterproof
  • Feature 5: Built-in 650mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • Feature 6: Working voltage: 100 - 240V AC

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Product Details

  • Features
    Built-in maglev induction motor, up to 48000rpm frequency sonic cleaning, clean thoroughly, effectively sweeps away plaque
    One-click 3 brushing mode switch: sensitive, white and clean, can be used on sensitive teeth
    Quality DuPont brush bristles, soft and high-density
    IPX7 waterproof, can be washed directly under the tap or be used in bathing
    Built-in 650mAh Lithium-ion battery, can use more than 30 days after 3.5h charging
    Comes with charging base, automatic power off after full charge, effectively extend service life
  • Specification
    Brand: Alfawise
    Model: LJ-ST206
    Materials: ABS
    RPM: 48000
    Input Voltage (V): 5V
    Input Current: 350mA
    Battery Information: 650mAh 14500 Lithium-ion battery
    Charging Time: 3.5h

    Working voltage: 100 - 240V AC
    Rated power: 2W
    Display content: clean / white / sensitive + battery indicator
    Vibration frequency: max. 48000 times per minute
    Working time: about 240 minutes
    Charging method: 5V USB charging
    Charging time: about 3.5 hours
    Charging current: 350mA
    Battery: 650mAh 14500 Lithium-ion battery
    Waterproof grade: IPX7
  • Package content
    1 x Alfawise RTB200 Sonic Toothbrush
    1 x Adapter
    1 x Sensitive Brush Head
    1 x Deep Clean Brush Head

Our Rating

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10

Alfawise RTB200 LJ – ST206 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

I’m not a big friend of Alfawise products, so far my experience has been more negative, and I did not accidentally name Sarfawise in an article about the company’s soundbar . However, sometimes they reach into the tutu, the RTB200 just like that. A great toothbrush with two heads, three modes, very easy handling, induction filling and a price under $25.99.

Alfawise RTB200

Usually I tend to quell my prejudices against some manufacturers, but this was quite difficult for Alfawise. Because the company has a good chance of just rebranding products, you never know where the original is coming from. But don’t bother with this, since under the name Alfawise, you get almost the same stuff almost cheaper and you can think of the Jimmy ETB301, which is 11 sticks, that’s barely 8.

Alfawise RTB200

I didn’t expect too much from a sonic toothbrush, but I was surprised to find that the box has two hardness heads, a good idea, I hope your competitors learn. Charger is USB induction, hard to find a more convenient and universal solution. Your traveler, however, is not part of the package and I couldn’t find it anywhere, so everyone should get a candy bar.

Alfawise RTB200

Material quality okay stuff where we touch the most, the plastic is a little shiny there, but I can tie that much.

The operation is so clear that I have not read the description, 3 buttons, easy operation, nothing to miss it. On the front, we can also see the charge, which was very cleverly set in the Alfawise operating hours.

Alfawise RTB200

Well, not because they want to be compared to VFTS Lada engines, but for a much more pragmatic reason: the battery lasts 240 minutes, so we have to divide that by the number of 2 minute brushes. Doing it twice a day means 60 days, though the press states only 30. This is a respectable time span, I’m not saying that the RTB200 is in the Top 3 with it, but I wouldn’t call it small, so we can leave the charger at home during the holidays.

I would like to point out that the metal shaft at the end of the vibrating motor is likely to be compatible with other toothbrush manufacturers’ supplies. I tried the Lenovo Lemei bristles, they fit perfectly, so there shouldn’t be much trouble with the supply. The gadgets are virtually waterproof, as evidenced by the IPX7 marking on the soles, and it would be ugly if the saliva and toothpaste flow on the stem were able to handle it. Interestingly, the charging time on the soles was also written down, 3.5 hours, which is the most irrelevant data that can be associated with a toothbrush.

Alfawise RTB200

The good thing about the Alfawise RTB200 toothbrush is that it is not irritating at first. The sensitive, normal and whitening functions is really different, not only are they pulling back and the head of the structure, and not so annoying set as the Xiaomi Oclean X.

The “sensitive” mode is almost too mild, the “whitening” point is good, and anyone who believes in tooth whitening and similar “magic” may try to use the whitening mode for a longer period of time. Nothing is simpler than operation, short pressure mode switching, long pressure switching off.

Alfawise RTB200

Since you get two different heads, so you can actually change six modes, you only have to switch bristles to the last three. Of course, this toothbrush is also capable of timing, 2 minutes per step, which breaks down into half-minute segments, stopping for a moment to indicate that you have to switch sides. Unfortunately, since the control is not application based and you cannot modify it, the 120 second vibration remains.

The effectiveness of brushing is a disgrace to both conventional and circular devices, simply by stopping “better mouthwash”.

I don’t think it makes sense to buy older models, 48,000 vibrations per minute speaks for itself, yet it doesn’t shake your hand more than you need to. I say this because I have been using electric toothbrushes for years and have a comparison with other products.

Alfawise RTB200

The simplicity of the thing is its greatness, there is not much that will go wrong, the head is very easy to replace, the shaft is metal so it will not wear out and the three modes of operation are perfectly enough. Running time is roughly 1 month with 2 brushes a day, according to the manufacturer, and we don’t have to spend too much money on the Alfawise RTB200 toothbrush.

$25.99 is not a significant amount of money – especially the amount under customs – you can only bring home plastic shaft solutions, which tend to open more than metal variants. I leave it to you, but you are not wrong with either.

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