BlitzWolf® BW-IS20

BlitzWolf® BW-IS20
Brand: Blitzwolf
Category: Gadget
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BlitzWolf® BW-IS20 - Price

BlitzWolf® BW-IS20 - Specs

Product Details

  • Features
    - The host is equipped with a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen that is less prone to wear, lower power consumption, and better display.
    - WIFI + 2G networking, support APP push, voice monitoring and other multi-channel alarm methods.
    - 5 groups of preset alarm calls, set their SMS switch and voice switch respectively.
    - Support APP remote control and parameter setting.
    - Supports more than 10 alarm type zone names such as main door and lobby.
    - Supports low voltage alarm reminder & external wireless siren.
  • Specification
    Brand: BlitzWolf®
    Model: BW-IS20
    APP Name: BlitzWolf, Tuya Smart, Smart Life
    Power supply: Micro USB 5V / 1000mA
    Backup battery: 3.7V lithium battery
    Battery capacity: 500mAH
    Screen type: Single point capacitive touch screen
    Screen size:4.3 inches
    Power consumption : <55mA (under standby)
    Size: 10cm*16.2cm
    Working temperature: -10~50℃
    Storage Temperature: -40~70℃
    Working humidity: ≤95 %RH
    Wireless frequency: 433Mhz
    RFID card frequency: 125KHz (Chip: 4100/4200)
  • Package content
    1 * Host
    1 * Passive infrared
    2 * Remote controllers
    2 * Door sensors
    1 * 1m Micro USB Power Cable

Our Rating

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  • Design 8 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Performance 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10

BlitzWolf® BW-IS20 Wireless 2G GSM Wifi Smart Home Security Alarm System Starter

After the BlitzWolf BW-IS6 alarm system, the sequel has arrived, the BlitzWolf BW-IS20, which retains the good stuff of its predecessor but has a much larger display and touchscreen. But it is also a double secure, GSM + wifi smart alarm and can also be used with applications. Its advantage is that it can be used in case of power failure due to its own battery, plus it can even be connected to an external battery, so it can work until the end of time, even if there is no power, no wifi (because it also alarms in GSM mode). Tuya is based on a smart home, so it can work with countless other sensors and devices, and the main panel, 3 sensors and 2 remote controls also come with it. It can be used non-incidentally with a fingerprint instead of a PIN code, which can be used to arm and disarm it.

The basic element of the system is the main panel, to which the sensors are connected and it looks very good, very demanding. The main panel can be placed anywhere just like that, but it can also be mounted on the wall.

It can be used with a fingerprint instead of a PIN code, which can also be used to arm, disarm and lock. The main panel also includes a speaker, so if necessary, it alerts you very loudly with the selected sound, even if someone disassembles it and your settings can be password protected.

Its built-in battery provides power when needed and notifies you in the event of a power outage. The big advantage, however, is that it can be powered by a standard micro USB cable with 5V (1A), so an external battery can be connected to the power supply path and a larger (eg 20,000 mAh) battery can run for a very long time (even the manufacturer’s own battery test can be found here ).

By comparison, the built-in battery has a capacity of only 500mAh, which is approx. Operates for 3 hours. Now if 12,000 mAh can be extracted from the 20,000 mAh capacity, it gives an extra 24x as long operation time, i.e. 24 x 3 = 72 hours, which is 3 days.

Also, since it can alarm without wifi, so it can be completely independent, it forms an unavoidable alarm system (with a GSM blocker, of course, it can be an obstacle to the alarm, but where the danger may arise, there is no simple alarm alone).

A total of 99 sensors can be used, which can be motion, door / window opening, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, water, etc. At standard 433MHz, the sensors communicate with the panel, making it compatible with solutions from other manufacturers. It comes standard with 1 motion and 2 door / window opening sensors, as well as two remote controls.

The motion sensor can be placed anywhere on the base or mounted or glued to the wall. It is battery-powered, so you don’t have to fight with a cable.

The window / door opening sensor consists of two parts, one part is placed on the door, window, the other on the frame (but you can also go to the cabinet, drawer).

There are also two remote controls in the package, with which the alarm can be switched on / off and an alarm can be triggered in case of an emergency (expandable up to 10).

It can be used as a GSM-based alarm, in which case a SIM card must be inserted. In this mode, it alerts you with an SMS or call (pre-recorded speech that is being played). It can also be switched on and off remotely and timed.

But it can also be used with a mobile application (Android, iOS) and in this case it displays a message on the phone in case of an alarm.

When motion is detected, it can also alarm at the set volume (but can also be turned off, in which case it is a silent alarm).

The “I’m home” and “I’m not home” modes can be set separately. For example, the window and door sensor may remain active, but the motion may not. In the latter case, all sensors can be active.

It can be used completely without installation, as the main panel can be placed on its back and the opening sensor only needs to be glued (it is fitted with double-sided glue at the factory).

The remote control also has an SOS function, which you can press to dial a number or send an SMS.

Obviously 1 motion and 2 door / window opening sensors are not enough for everyone, so they can be expanded. It uses the standard 433MHz and is typically used with such sensors. Here you will find a list of motion sensors and here is a list of opening sensors.

Motion sensors also do not require installation because they are battery-operated and can only be placed somewhere (but can also be mounted on a wall in general).

Smart homes are still in their infancy, but this does not mean that our possibilities are not endless when it comes to smart homes. This is due to companies like Tuya, which is now one of the most significant companies of its kind.

Tuya offers a complete solution for those who want to launch a smart home or IoT (Internet of Things) product.

The Tuya platform now has 90,000 products, covering 500 product categories. There is no corner of a home where no Tuya product could be used.

This image shows products from a total of 3 manufacturers, but despite the different manufacturers, they are able to communicate with each other through the Tuya app.

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