Deerma DEM-YS802

Deerma DEM-YS802

Brand: Deerma
Category: Gadget
  • 1: 304 food-grade austenitic stainless steel
  • 2: Preset 6 health menus
  • 3: 1000W energy heating plate
  • 4: High borosilicate glass stew cup
  • 5: 360-degree microporous filter

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10

Xiaomi Deerma DEM – YS802 Electric Health Pot

In Xiaomi’s extensive career, many teams have seen us captivate ourselves with their incredible designs, some being more ambitious than others and taking care of every aspect of our lives, becoming a necessary and useful contribution, of which we are proud and an example of it, is the Xiaomi Mijia V03, a colourful mini loudspeaker that gives us a pleasant musical experience with fascinating functions, but this is not all, as our protagonist of today has a very striking feature for the home, we are talking about the Xiaomi Deerma DEM – YS802, a water heater both attractive and practical. For this reason, we invite you to stay with us at the next entrance, where we will learn about the attributes of this phenomenal appliance.

Deerma DEM - YS802

The Xiaomi Deerma DEM – YS802 consists of a refined and delicate style that looks impeccable in our kitchens, and if so, will also fit in the office. It rejoices to be an exquisitely beautiful piece of equipment that invites us to use it and refuse it for the purposes for which it was designed, since we are sure that it will not only be an attractive appliance to the eye, but quite useful and indispensable in our daily lives.

Deerma DEM - YS802

At first glance, we visualize that it consists of 2 pieces, which are: a base and the glass, which in turn, presents more parts that will help us develop each function of the equipment. With this, we want to mention that two types of materials were used to build this electrical device so that it gives us both resistance and durability without wearing its image, therefore, we use austenitic stainless steel 304 food grade, safe, healthy and reliable, while for the high cup, was used high borosilicate glass, which is capable of stable performance, uniform heat transfer, in addition to being soft, transparent and finally easy to clean.

Deerma DEM - YS802

Also, this base consists of a series of control buttons that allow us to turn off / turn on the equipment, also control the speed or action of the heater, apart we can notice the presence of a burner, which generates the temperature once the appliance is turned on.

As for the mug, we noticed a very elegant design when using glass for its image, besides a minimalist aspect that is composed of a stainless steel lid with a small hole to add some ingredient or to let out the steam, in it we also found a beautiful sphere of crystal where we will be able to raise it. Similarly, this glass does not come alone, has 3 microporous filters of 360 degrees with a diameter of 60 mm built with the same materials to prevent the passage of waste to water, tea or food.

Deerma DEM - YS802

The Xiaomi Deerma DEM – YS802 is a device to heat water and even pasta, rice, eggs and vegetables, although the latter is healthier to do so by steam, but the case is, which has a myriad of utilities, so we must know its capacity, this being 1.5 liters for 4 people, can also heat water from 40 to 90 ° C and apart, can reach a power of 1000W in 10 minutes, so we will not have to wait long to consume some preparation and if it were not enough, is able to stay warm for 12 hours, is able to keep warm for 12 hours, but the case is, which has a lot of utilities, so we know its capacity, being this 1.5 liters for 4 people, can also heat water from 40 to 90 ° C and apart, can reach a power of 1000W in 10 minutes, so we will not have to wait long to consume some preparation and if it were not enough, is able to keep warm for 12 hours. If this is not enough, it also boasts to be an intelligent equipment, since it switches off automatically when the temperature is too high, avoiding any incident.

Deerma DEM - YS802

The Xiaomi Deerma DEM – YS802 is sure to create curiosity and euphoria among consumers and this is because it is a modern appliance that is on the market at an affordable price, which is destined to break with the paradigm that low-cost products that can not be high-end equipment and is that this demonstrates an unparalleled power and performance with attributes such as: a capacity of 1.5 liters plus a power of 1000W that allows the preservation of food is up to 12 hours at a temperature of 40 to 90 ºC, so if this is what you want to facilitate your day to day, you can not miss it.


Product Details

Features 304 food-grade austenitic stainless steel, safe, healthy and reliable
Preset 6 health menus, and the night vision digital large screen clearly displays the menu, time and temperature
1000W energy heating plate, warm up quickly and evenly, only needs 10 minutes
High borosilicate glass stew cup, stable performance and uniform heat transfer, smooth and clear, easy to clean
360-degree microporous filter with a large diameter of 60mm, 3 ways to choose
Intelligent variable frequency heating, locking nutrition, scientific and delicious
40 - 90 Deg.C insulation optional, holding time about 12 hours
Intelligent temperature probe, automatically turned off when the temperature is too high
12h convenient reservation, convenient and
1.5L large capacity, enough for 4 people
Specification Brand: Deerma
Model: DEM - YS802

Rated voltage / frequency: 220V / 50Hz
Rated power: 1000W
Rated capacity: 1.5L
Material: stainless steel / high borosilicate glass


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