Emax TinyhawkS

Emax TinyhawkS

Brand: EMAX
Category: Drones
  • 1: Brushless motor that is both smaller
  • 2: increasing the power output
  • 3: Up to 20% more flight time
  • 4: Dual slot mount
  • 5: Camera will be able to adjust its angle

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10

Emax TinyhawkS 75mm F4 OSD 1-2S Micro Indoor FPV Racing Drone BNF w/ 600TVL CMOS Camera

The TinyhawkS measures 7.5 cm diagonal from motor to motor, for dimensions of 9.5 x 11 x 4 cm. The most important part is the structure that integrates the propeller protections. It is made of a flexible plastic, without any carbon parts. The motors are fixed to it with 3 screws, placed downwards, in an unusual way for a nano racer but as on the first model. These motors are brushless 0802 to 15500KV. They are connected by wires channelled through guides to connectors – so they are easy to replace in the event of a failure.

The propellers are four-bladed Avan blades. These are the same as the ones the manufacturer had proposed for the Tinyhawk to replace the original ones (which did not allow Turtle mode). They are 4 cm in diameter, or 1.6 inches. They are fixed by pushing them onto the axis of the motors. Easy to install, but not to remove at all! Underneath the device is the nacelle for installing the battery. It is simpler and more effective than the first model: it is a cradle with 2 elastics to hold it. This method allows a better compatibility with several types of batteries, it also offers the possibility to use batteries that have inflated a little over time. The battery plug is of type PST PH2.0.

You can’t see much of the flight controller, he’s hidden by the plastic structure. It is a MatekF411 based on an F4 processor, which includes a 4 in 1 ESC of 5A. Do we really need to see him? No, the plastic around him protects him. No problem to access the microUSB connector for connection to a computer equipped with Betaflight Configurator via a USB cable: the plug is easily accessible on top of the TinyhawkS. The flight controller includes a radio receiver, FrSky compatible in the model I tested.

The pairing button is a little more difficult to access. It is located on the edge of the controller, under the structure. You need to press it and connect the battery to trigger the Bind mode. To do this without getting angry, you need tweezers. Or, better still, remove the 4 screws from the battery door to make it easier to operate. The FPV part is provided by an AIO 600TVL camera associated with a 5.8 GHz transmitter of 37 channels with a power of 25 mW. That’s good, it’s the maximum allowed in France. A button, just next to the microUSB connector, allows you to adjust the video transmitter. Without battery, the device weighs 28.2 grams…

The TinyhawkS is delivered with 2 batteries. The first is a 450 mAh 80C LiHV 1S, with a PST PH2.0 connector, which weighs 13.2 grams. It is a LiHV, so it can go up to 4.35V instead of 4.2V. The other battery is a 300 mAh 35C 2S, still with a PST PH2.0 connector, but also with a 3-pin balancing plug, which weighs 14.9 grams. Attention, it is not a LiHV, the load of the 2 cells must not exceed 4.2V. To charge them, Emax offers a USB charger plate with 3 slots. It allows you to charge the 1S battery, with a switch to choose the charging mode, Lipo or LiHV, for each location. It also charges the 2S battery. A LED indicator allows you to check the status of the battery: when it is off, it is charging, on and flashing, charging is complete.

After the Tinyhawk, first of the name (see the test here), here is the TinyhawkS. This is a very predictable evolution of the Tinywhoop designed by the manufacturer Emax: it becomes compatible with 2S batteries. Enough to give him a little extra power! Of external appearance, except for a black dress instead of a white one, the TinyhawkS looks like two drops of water to its predecessor. What is it really worth? Answer in this column. Note that the TinyhawkS was given to us by the Banggood store. As usual, tell us if you think the practice has influenced our judgment.


Product Details

Features - Newly engineered brushless motor that is both smaller in scale in order to reduce weight, but also be able to spin at higher RPMs,
increasing the power output of the entire aircraft.
- Utilizing this new power system, up to 20% more flight time as well as the ability to accept a higher voltage
- Tinyhawk S. Featuring a dual slot mount, the camera will be able to adjust its angle to the pilot's preference to help navigate the craft at higher speeds.
- With newly reinforced struts, the frame's durability is unmatched in its class.
Specification Brand Name: Emax
Model: TinyhawkS
Item Name: 75mm F4 OSD FPV Racing Drone
Flight Controller: MATEKF411 F4 Flight Controller
ESC: 5A 4in1 ESC
Motor: H0802 15500KV Motor
Propeller: Avan TH Tinyhawk
Receiver: EMAX Tiny RX ( Compatible with Frsky D8 / D16)
VTX: 37CH 25mW VTX
Camera: 600TVL CMOS Camera
Weight: 30g ( Without Battery)
Maxinum Size of Drone: 125mm ( without antenna, cable tie)


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