Geeetech A30 Pro

Geeetech A30 Pro
Brand: Geeetech
Category: 3D Printer
  • 1: Filament Sensor
  • 2: Dual Z axis Optional Limit Switch
  • 3: High Accuracy
  • 4: Screen Brightness Adjustment
  • 5: TF Card stand-alone Printing
  • 6: Large Printing Volume

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Product Details

  • Features
     Printing Parameters:
     - Printing Volume: 320x320x420mm
     - Printing Accuracy: 0.1-0.2mm
     - Printing Speed: 60mm/s
     - Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

     Electrical Parameter:
     - Power Input: 115/230V AC 50/60Hz
     - Power Output: DC 24V 21A Max 500W
     - Connection: TF Card,USB

     User Manual
     Auto Leveling
     Manual Leveling
  • Specification
    Weight: 10.2 kg
    Model name: Geeetech A30
    3D printer type: DIY
    Dimensions of the 3D printer: 508 x 616 x 631 mm
    Frame material: aluminum
    Installation space: 320 x 320 x 420 mm
    Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), single extruder system
    Print speed: 80 - 110 mm / s
    Layer height: at least 0.05 mm
    Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
    Filament diameter: 1.75
    Positioning accuracy of the XY axes: 0.011 mm
    Positioning accuracy of the Z axis: 0.0025 mm
    Heated Print Bed: Yes
    Maximum operating temperature of the heating bed: 110 ° C
    Maximum operating temperature of the extruder: 250 ° C
    Data exchange: WLAN (optional), SD card
    Supported filaments: HIPS, PETG, PLA, ABS, wood
    File format: OBJ, STL, G code
    Compatible system: Linux, MAC, Windows
    Power supply: 50/60 Hz, 110/220 V AC
  • Package content
     1* A30 Pro 3D Printer Kit 

Our Rating

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8.3 4.2 1
  • Design 8 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

Geeetech® A30 Pro 3D Printing

Everyone is looking for a good 3D printer that delivers very good printing results at a low price and offers the largest possible installation space. The Geeetech A30 Pro appeared to us as a serious alternative to the Creality3D CR-10, Creality3D CR-10S and the Alfawise U20. Here you can read the test report for the Geeetech A30 Pro and learn everything about the technical properties, advantages and disadvantages of the 3D printer.

With its installation space of 320 x 320 x 420 mm, the Geeetech A30 Pro is called the most satisfying 3D printer compared to its predecessors. This means that you can also print larger objects without having to restrict your own creativity. When it comes to the printing performance of the Geeetech A30 Pro, the 3D printer prints at a speed between 80 and 110 mm / s and an accuracy of 0.05 mm. It delivers objects with a strong structure and a beautiful surface.

Silicon carbide glass with a microporous coating is chosen as the construction platform. The silicon carbide glass has good wear resistance, a high coefficient of thermal conductivity and good chemical stability. It can also withstand extreme temperatures. Placing the control box makes the whole frame simpler without reducing its stability. The filament holder and the LCD touchscreen fit the box perfectly, so that you can easily take control of the filament and the printer.

The Geeetech A30 Pro initially has a larger build volume in contrast to the standardized versions of the CR-10S or CR-10. Its build volume of 320 x 320 x 420 mm should be sufficient for 99% of all 3D prints, especially if you are planning a larger project. However, there will be even larger 3D printers from mid-2018. Compared to it, the Creality S4 and S5 offer more space, but you have to pay a higher price for it, which in the end is not really worth the extra cubic millimeters. If you are still looking for more space, then you should take a closer look at the Large Format 3D Printer category.

Of course, operating an LCD screen is certainly more intuitive and easier than turning a click wheel. The full-color touchscreen has a proper operational flow and a responsive user interface, with which you can easily take full control of the print job and change the relevant printing parameters.

The Geeetech A30 Pro has a semi-automatic bed leveling. You have to take care of the screwing yourself and at the end check everything again to make sure it fits properly. There is also a fully automatic print bed setting for this 3D printer, which must be purchased separately.

Many Chinese 3D printers today are equipped with a sensor that can detect when the filament is leaking. This is an extremely useful function, since at the end of a 30-hour print you do not want the thread to run out. If the filament sensor no longer detects a filament, it interrupts the printing process and continues after the thread has been fed in at the point at which the printing was stopped.

The printer’s motherboard is professionally coded to support automatic leveling. The only thing that needs to be done is to connect the level sensor to the printer. The entire process is effortless and greatly improves the adhesion of the first layer.

In addition to some great and useful functions, the Geeetech A30 Pro also has disadvantages that we found in our test. The first thing that caught my eye was the relatively loud fans. During the preparation and the actual printing process, the user has only limited setting options. The exchange of the nozzle was also difficult.

In addition, there is no freely accessible firmware and some components are installed crookedly, such as a Z-axis motor. The straps of the XY axis are too loose. As for the print quality: corners and edges are round rather than sharp and the surface is not printed so smoothly.

The construction, on the other hand, is sturdy and durable, but when printing is a little faster, the not properly tensioned straps start to crack. Last but not least, the extruder casing is also felt to be impractical.

As an almost completely pre-assembled 3D printer, the Geeetech A30 Pro is quickly ready for use after a small assembly effort and few screws. It is also practical for beginners. Professional users should prefer to distance themselves from this device due to poor print quality and limited setting options. What hobby hobbyists can particularly benefit from is the easy control of the 3D printer using the control software EasyPrint 3D. The software enables the firmware to be updated in good time and the relevant printing parameters to be set easily.

In addition, It can be operated remotely using the EasyPrint 3D app after simple WLAN configuration. Also noteworthy is the recharge function and the filament detector. It also supports automatic leveling, which ensures that 3D printing has a strong structure and a flat first layer. Don’t forget the compatibility of the A30 Pro with a variety of filaments, including HIPS, PETG, PLA, ABS and wood. In this way, objects of different styles can be produced and an indescribable pleasure can be achieved with 3D printing.

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