Brand: KZ
Category: Audio
  • 1: Microphone: No
  • 2: Sensitivity: 103dB
  • 3: Plug Type: 3.5mm gold plated
  • 4: Cable Length: 1.25m
  • 5: Connectivity: Wired

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KZ AS12 HIFI Bass Earphones

KZ company still went on the occasion of the public and released its flagship 16 driver model, 8 anchors I’m each ear. At the same time, all the radiators, of course, are fittings and are 2 bass, 2 mid-range and the whole 4 responsible for the high frequencies. Of course, the application from the manufacturer inspires not small hopes, but what has turned out as a result – we will learn from this review of KZ AS12.


Today we will continue our acquaintance with intra-channel headphones from the Chinese brand Knowledge Zenith (KZ). This time we have a new product – the flagship model KZ AS12. Now is the time to remember the funny arithmetic of these guys, who add the number of drivers in both headphones and the resulting number is put in the name of the model. As you now understand, we have (16 divided into two) eight-driver model before us. Again, as was the case with the recently studied ZS10 Pro, these are headphones with decent sound at a dumping price.


It’s just as sad about the cable. It would seem that the flagship model should at least differ from the much cheaper solutions, but no. It seems that all the money is spent exclusively on the development of the headphones themselves, and the equipment is equivalent to sleeping with the budget and the flagships.


In terms of sound, if you conditionally divide the spectrum into 2 equal parts, then despite all the details and the level of drawing the lower half is frankly weakened and represented by almost even AFC, and the upper half – much more relief, melodic and accentuated. Thus, what we usually call bass here is not very pronounced and, moreover, the instruments with the base in the lower part of the spectrum sound a little poor. The bass doesn’t give you a full sense of space, and the synthesized bass doesn’t give you enough depth. However, if you look carefully at what’s really there, then the speed and texture of everything is very good here. So, in this case, the headphones received a pitch that still gravitates towards the RF. I don’t like this approach very much, of course, but I can understand the manufacturer, because everything is really amazing upstairs. If you listen to the sounds of strings, all sorts of bells, ratchets or whistles, you can really get high. The sound is pure, transparent, with excellent transmission even of very small nuances. At the top of the middle frequencies, the situation is completely similar: we also have a great separation and drawing of almost any instrument.


In total, the KZ AS12 is of course a victory: for the first time in the KZ model range I meet such a clean and well-developed top. However, the idea of linearity in the field of low frequencies does not give a feeling of all the power, power and pressure that most of the live instruments provide. Because of this, I feel a certain ambivalence. Yes, the KZ AS12 is definitely a great headphone, but I wouldn’t choose it for myself.


Product Details

Features Comfortable to wear. Uses super soft over-ear pads, which is more comfortable for long time wear, great headphone for game player.
Universal 3.5mm plug. With strong contact force and conductibility, makes sure delivering stable and clear sound quality. Can answer calls, switch songs, adjust volume
Bilateral total of 12 Balanced Armature units, covering high ,mid and low triple analysis
Frequency response is amazing up to 6Hz-47000Hz. Acoustic field location is wide, accurate and natural.
22955 Bass frequency double Balanced Armature combination, excellent bass dive ability. Not inferior to the traditional dynamic unit, there is really a good quality and heavy bass.
Paranoid pursuit of the natural broad tone of instrumental music, suitable for light music songs. There are also good performances for vocals and classical music.
Specification Brand: KZ
Model: AS12
Type: Wired Earphones
Microphone: No
Wearing Type: In-Ear
Cable Material: OFC Oxygen-free Copper
Features: Extra Bass,Portable,Subwoofer
Main Functions : Answering Phone,HiFi,Song Switching

Plug Type: 3.5mm gold plated
Sensitivity: 103dB
Frequency response range: 6 - 47000Hz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Application: Running, Sport
Cable Length: 1.25m
Compatible with: Computer,iPhone,iPod,Mobile phone,MP3,PC,Portable Media Player
Connectivity: Wired
Bluetooth: No


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