Ninebot C60

Ninebot C60

Brand: Ninebot
Category: Outdoors
  • 1: BMS Battery Management System
  • 2: Induction unlock
  • 3: NFC unlock
  • 4: Smart positioning
  • 5: Smart alarm

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Xiaomi Ninebot C60 Electric Bike – Use your phone as a car key

Ninebot C60 is very simple in design, with one key on each of the left and right handles, and there are no extra buttons. One of these two keys is used for honking and the other is a custom key. Although it is called a custom key, it is actually equivalent to a multi-function key. Many functions, such as opening a bucket and assisting in implementation, need its help.

Like most Internet electric bike, or smart electric vehicles, Ninebot C60 has a large dashboard and very clear display content. Huge numbers will intuitively show the driving speed, while the dial represents the electricity quantity with a circle of progress bars. The key information of these electric vehicles is clearly displayed on this dashboard.

Walk around the C60 and you will find that the car has no keyhole (in fact, it is only hidden in a hidden place), and it is not equipped with the same remote control key as the Mavericks electric car. How did it unlock? The secret lies in this dashboard: unlocked through an electronic card and the NFC module of the dashboard.

Through the “Segway-Ninebot” App binding and activating the sensing unlocking function, you can use your smart phone to unlock the No.9 electric C series. This experience is completely different from car keys and NFC cards.

We hardly go out without a mobile phone, and when you approach your car with an unlocked smart phone, it is already in a semi-unlocked state. At this time, you only need to sit on your car, press the right hand custom key to turn on the car, kick the pedals and turn the accelerator to enjoy the “fast speed”.

This experience of “riding without thinking about unlocking all the time” really makes people feel the convenience of intelligence. However, for this unlocking method, one cannot help worrying. The range of Bluetooth is an important factor because it depends on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to judge whether the owner is nearby and unlock it. If the car has been unlocked before people arrive at the front of the car, it is obviously irrational.

However, Ninebot has already considered this when designing this function, so the option of adjusting the sensing distance has been added to the sensing unlock setting in the official App. If the sensing distance is adjusted to the minimum, it can be unlocked normally only when it is several meters away from the car, which is much more reasonable.

Seeing this, a partner will ask, who can’t ride a bicycle? In fact, the Ninebot C60 has a new riding posture: sitting on the car, kicking the driving bracket and starting. Although these steps are very simple, there are several details that make the whole process experience very good.

First of all, there are still two locks on the Ninebot C60 after starting up. The first is the car bracket. If the bracket is not kicked, the car cannot walk with electricity and it will not walk even if the handlebar is twisted. The second lock is the ride sensing device under the seat. If a person is not sitting on the car or there is no heavy object pressing on the seat, then the electric car cannot walk with electricity at this time.

In terms of color matching, Ninebot C60 adopts a more youthful and fashionable colorful contrast color design, with three fixed body colors of white/green, gray/yellow and blue/orange. It also specially introduces personalized customization service with up to 100,000 color combinations. Matching eye-catching color matching in colorful spring is definitely the brightest combination this spring. Moreover, the No.9 Electric C is designed with two “halo” status lights and a minimalist digital instrument, which can easily understand the driving information and can be clearly seen in sunlight. There is no need to worry about not seeing the information of the instrument panel in too “bright” spring scenery.


Product Details

Features BMS Battery Management System
Induction unlock
NFC unlock
Smart positioning
Smart alarm
smart Lock
Constant speed cruise
Electric bucket lock
Specification Brand: Ninebot
Model: C60
Motor: Brushless Motor
Rated power: 400W
On-wheel torque: 54Nm
Endurance: 35-45km
Battery type: Ninebot lithium battery 48V 16Ah
Tires: Non-slip vacuum tire
Damping method: Two-stage center suspension
Braking method: Front disc rear drum + energy recovery brake


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