Sparkmaker JX215S

Sparkmaker JX215S
Brand: Other
Category: 3D Printer
  • 1: 215*135*200mm Large Printing Size
  • 2: Auto Material Feeding
  • 3: Upgraded Material box, easy to install and replace
  • 4: Supporting USB and WIFI Transmission Remote Control
  • 5: XY Spot Size 0.0067m² Layer Thickness 0.025-0.1mm
  • 6: Support Toughness Resin

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  • Features
    - 215*135*200mm Large Printing Size
    - Auto Material Feeding
    - Upgraded Material box, easy to install and replace
    - Supporting USB and WIFI Transmission Remote Control
    - XY Spot Size 0.0067m² Layer Thickness 0.025-0.1mm
    - Support Toughness Resin,Standard Resin,Castable Resin and Other Resin
  • Specification
    Solution of some Problems
  • Package content
    1x Sparkmaker JX215S 3D Printer

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  • Design 9 / 10
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  • Performance 10 / 10

Sparkmaker JX215S UV resin 10.1 inch Touch Screen 3D Printer

Today, Hong Kong-based SparkMaker introduced the Sparkmaker JX215S UV resin 3D printer. It is reported that JX215S has a 1080P resolution LCD screen with Bluetooth and wifi functions, and provides free slicing software and 4 new resins.

More than 30 years ago, the day when 3D printing came out, it began with the SLA (laser scanning) stereolithography technology. So light curing is the leader of 3D printing technology. Later, the open source technology of reprap, which everyone knows, brought FDM’s melt extrusion technology to the public, and SLS’s sintering technology, especially as metal sintering, made 3D printing to high-end applications. Light curing itself also develops endlessly.

First, a three-dimensional solid model is designed by CAD, the model is sliced using a discrete program, and the scanning path is designed. The data generated will accurately control the movement of the laser scanner and the lifting platform; second, the laser beam passes through the scanner controlled by the numerical control device. According to the designed scanning path, the surface of the liquid photosensitive resin is irradiated. After a layer of resin in a specific area of the surface is cured, a section of the part is generated after one layer is processed. Then, the lift table is lowered a certain distance and the cured layer is covered The second layer of liquid resin is scanned for the second layer, and the second cured layer is firmly bonded to the previous cured layer. This layer is superimposed to form a three-dimensional workpiece prototype. Finally, after the prototype is removed from the resin, it is carried out. After final curing, the product can be obtained by polishing, plating, painting or coloring.

Sparkmaker JX215S can print better quality items. According to the company, with its Full HD LCD screen, SparkMaker FHD allows you to print larger objects (up to 215 * 135 * 200mm) at a faster speed, while also guaranteeing higher quality (57μm XY resolution) mm / hour).