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Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Intelligent Route Planning
  • 2: Three-dimensional Vacuum Cleaning System
  • 3: APP Remote Control
  • 4: 5200mAh Large Capacity Battery
  • 5: 2000Pa Super Suction

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Xiaomi introduced the SWDK ZDG300 Wiping robot

Xiaomi Crowdfunding has released a smart robot-coloured, which not only drives a wet sponge on the floor, but really rubs off the dirt. It is equipped with a special vibrating drive that makes two washable surfaces with removable sponges move.

From the Chinese manufacturer SWDK, we know so far only a hand vacuum cleaner, from Xiaomi generally only the suction robots. Now the first pure wiping robot from Xiaomi. The design has the typical Xiaomi look, but the shape is completely different than usual. The ZDG300 from Xiaomi’s subsidiary is square and therefore also gets very well into corners. Whether Roborock is responsible for the production here, as with the other household robots, is still unclear.

On the underside of the robot there are two wiping mops with coated microfiber cloths that move up and down and vibrate. The manufacturer wants to compensate for the muscle power that is used when wiping manually with a mop and bring enough pressure to the floor. So that even harder stains can be wiped off. We know this from the ZACO A9S, for example, which at least could not completely replace manual wiping.

The mobile vibration water tanks operate at 800 revolutions per minute. With concern I think about whether this really creates 71 dB operating volume … We humans talk at an average volume of 60 dB. 71 dB (if this applies in practice) are correspondingly very loud.

Those who know the Xiaomi suction robots will have noticed in a moment: There is no LDS (laser distance sensor) on the upper side of the 8.0 cm flat wiping robot. Accordingly, the premises are not scanned by laser. The ZDG300 (is this really the final name?) navigates via camera (without optical images) and gyro sensor. When using a gyro sensor, the suction robot measures the rotary movements from the charging station.

Inside the robot, a VSLAM graphics algorithm works, which enables the ZDG300 to store the obstacles detected during the journey on a map. The position is determined simultaneously and the map is created. The map can then be called up in the app. Further obstacle and fall sensors protect the wiping robot from collisions with pieces of furniture or falls from the stairs.

Navigation via a gyro sensor currently occupies second place in the ranking of best navigation methods after laser space surveying. The mapping is therefore less precise, but a robot still knows where it is and navigates reliably through the rooms.

Of course, the wiping robot also finds its charging station autonomously when the battery power drops. This is the case after a working time of 2 hours. He then has to charge his battery for 3 hours – both values with which he can live well. Important: The robot must have started from the charging station, otherwise it will have difficulties finding its “home” again.

Two different cleaning modes can be selected via the Xiaomi Home App (Android, iOS), which is already very familiar to us: One is Z-Shaped cleaning, in which the robot travels straight through the rooms until it encounters an obstacle and then turns around. The other mode is similar, but the robot turns away from the obstacle/piece of furniture in a larger radius. However, both modes provide very good area coverage.

Two interesting points about the design of the robot: A bumper is installed around the entire wiping robot. This protects the robot 360° around itself from collisions. In addition, the bumper cushions the collision with pieces of furniture. Normally, the bumper of a suction robot is only installed at the front.

Practical design, beautifully flat, new wiping technology and solid navigation: the SWDK ZDG300 wiping robot from the Xiaomi universe could fill a product gap that was previously missing not only in its own range. In fact, so far no technology manufacturer has really managed to bring a strongly wiping robot onto the market. Now comes the Xiaomi push. But here, too, one can be sceptical, even though Xiaomi has long set standards in household robotics when it comes to innovation.


Product Details

Features Time-controlled single and multi-room cleaning
With automatic room partitioning
Card storage of several floors
More powerful Quad-Core Cortex A35 processor from ARM
Optical sensor for more precise orientation in the household
Specification Brand Name: SWDK
Model: SWDK ZDG300
Engine: NIDEC
Noise Level: Less than 50db in its quietest mode.
Voltage (V): 14.4V
Power: 55W
Suction power: 2000 PA
Capacity: 0.4L
Filter: HEPA - Double anti dust mite system.
Cable Length (m): Wireless
Collision Sensor: Yes
Distance sensor: LDS 360º
Level Sensor: Yes
Gyroscope / Accelerometer: Yes
Control: Automatic mode and from App
App: Compatible with Android and iOs
Wifi: Yes
Battery: 5200 mAh LG Li-Ion
Charging time: About 250 minutes
Working time: 180 minutes - You can clean up to 250m on a single charge.
Weight: 3.8Kg
Size: 32,0 x 32,0 x 8,0 cm


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