TEVO Nereus

TEVO Nereus

Brand: TEVO
Category: 3D Printer
  • 1: Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • 2: Layer thickness: 0.1-0.36mm
  • 3: LCD Screen: Yes
  • 4: Material diameter: 1.75mm
  • 5: Model supporting function: Yes

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 9 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

TEVO Nereus Touch Screen 3D Printer

The TEVO Nereus is a surprisingly good and flexible 3D printer, especially for beginners but also for more experienced 3D printer users. If you are looking for a fast 3D printer that delivers optimal results right from the start, the TEVO Nereus is probably not the right printer for you. Some preparatory work is necessary. For everyone who wants to get enthusiastic about 3D printing right from the start, including the assembly and the discussion of how 3D printers are constructed, this 3D printer offers numerous opportunities to learn the maker’s craft and modify it according to their own wishes.


After unpacking: The TEVO Nereus comes as a complete kit, where it makes sense to spread out all the parts in front of you, well sorted at the beginning, in order to have an overview of all the individual parts during assembly. We liked the clear division of the required screws into individual numbered bags. The markings on the bags were clearly represented also in the English-language instructions. Even though it has a well illustrated structure, it was partly not complete.

TEVO Nereus

Structure: The construction itself was possible without any problems, even if it took some time. As a beginner you should have some patience and expect a construction time of about 8 hours (2-3 free evenings as a working person, with little or no experience or a weekend as a sideline). In our opinion, however, beginners in particular will get a good first understanding of the printer’s mode of operation due to the small structure. Endurance is therefore rewarded here.

Caution with the power cord: Caution should be exercised especially when connecting the power cord. As with all 3D printers in this price range, the TEVO Nereus comes with an open power cord, which must be connected to the included power supply. This is especially important for families with children, as the cables are open even after assembly!

Calibration: Also for the calibration of the printer sufficient time should be planned, in order to adjust the TEVO Nereus optimally for good pressure results. For this purpose, the extruder is manually guided over the heatable pressure bed to define the distance between pressure bed and die for all positions. A good height of the pressure bed is given when a sheet of paper can only be pushed through with slight resistance between pressure bed and die. The calibration of the TEVO Nereus is similar to many other 3D printer kits and did not present us with a great challenge.

Software not included: Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any software with the 3D printer. Only at the end of the building instruction there is a note that the software Marlin or Repetier are recommended for the application. We decided to use the Marlin software for our test and have been using it well so far.

TEVO Nereus


Quality and speed: After a little patience with the calibration and some modifications of the 3D printer, the TEVO Nereus shines with very good printing results. The printer itself also looks surprisingly high quality with its components. Only the acrylic components seem to be a bit unstable. By using a Bowden metal extruder, there is also less weight on the motor, so the Tevo Nereus works much faster than many other 3D printers in this price range.

Low noise: The TEVO Nereus is also far ahead of other 3D printers in its price range when it comes to volume. The rollers used make it surprisingly quiet and smooth. That also surprised us.

Any modifications by Open Source: Since the TEVO Nereus is completely Open Source, the user has countless possibilities to upgrade his 3D printer free of charge. Whether additional modules or required spare parts – the large selection opens many liberties and fun with the application. The compatibility of open source software always has a positive effect on our tests.

Delivery and packaging: Compared to other 3D printers, the very careful and secure packaging was striking. The fast delivery is also impressive. However, inadequate packaging has never been the problem with Gearbest deliveries before.


With the TEVO Nereus, users definitely get a good 3D printer for a very good price. The 3D printer itself as well as its print results are surprisingly high quality after some calibration work and modification. Since the TEVO Nereus is completely Open Source, it can be extended and improved by numerous available upgrades. The user should only bring a little patience with him when setting up the TEVO Nereus. Here the manufacturer could have attached more importance to a detailed documentation, if necessary also with a small additional price in the acquisition. However, those who like to tinker and are interested in the structure and functionality of the 3D printer will be able to learn a lot and have fun with it. Especially beginners will find with the TEVO Nereus a good and cheap entry into the world of 3D printers. For users who want a fast and simple 3D-printer it is not suitable. In general we can imagine the TEVO Nereus for schools, but also for families with older children interested in technology as well as for hobby craftsmen. 3D printers of this price class are always interesting as a second device for more experienced users, such as the TEVO Nereus.


Product Details

Features 1. 3 min Quick Installation Print
2. WiFi APP printing
3. Touch Screen
4. Filament sensor
5. Larger print area 320 x 320 x 400mm
6. Good print accuracy
7. Good stability
8. Power hidden, good security
9. Z axis accuracy 0.1 mm
10. Advanced sensors: 2 thermistors, 3 inductive sensors Antclabs ( optional )
11. Calibration: Manual / Auto ( w / Antclabs, optional )
12. Print technology: FFF ( Fused Filament Fabrication )
13. Feeder type: Tevo Titan type
14. Nozzle type: MK8
Specification Brand Name: TEVO
Brand: Tevo
Type: Complete Machine
Model: Nereus
Engraving Accuracy: 0.1mm
Frame material: Aluminium Extrusion
Platform board: Aluminium Extrusion
Nozzle quantity: Single
Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Nozzle temperature: 180 - 240 Degree Celsius
Product forming size: 320*320*400mm
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.36mm
Memory card offline print: TF card
LCD Screen: Yes
Print speed: Max 150mm/s
Platform temperature: 0 - 80 Degree Celsius
Supporting material: ABS,Flexible PLA,HIPS,PLA,Wood
Material diameter: 1.75mm
Language: English
Model supporting function: Yes
XY-axis positioning accuracy: 0.05mm
Voltage: 100V/240V
Packing Type: Assembled packing
Voltage Range: 100-240v 600w max
Connector Type: TF card

Product weight: 13.0000 kg
Package weight: 13.5000 kg
Product size: 53.70 x 58.70 x 62.40 cm / 21.14 x 23.11 x 24.57 inches
Package size: 55.00 x 63.00 x 28.00 cm / 21.65 x 24.8 x 11.02 inches


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