Viomi Alpha 1C

Viomi Alpha 1C
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Dust Collection System 2.0
  • 2: Innovative Rear Suction Dust Collector
  • 3: 950W Large Suction
  • 4: 2500Pa Powerful Suction
  • 5: 360° Laser Mapping
  • 6: Al Intelligent Path Planning

Viomi Alpha 1C - Specs

Product Details

  • Features
    1. Dust Collection System 2.0
    2. Innovative Rear Suction Dust Collector
    3. 950W Large Suction
    4. Disposable Dust Bag
    5. 2500Pa Powerful Suction
    6. New Upgraded Map Management System
    7. New Constant Voltage Control Water Tank
    8. Intelligent Recognition of Low Space
    9. 360° Laser Mapping
    10. Al Intelligent Path Planning
  • Specification
    Brand: Viomi
    Model: VXVC11
    Material: ABS, Metal
    Suction: 3000Pa
    Climb Capability: 2cm
    Dust Bag Capacity:3L
    Water Tank Capacity: 250ml
    Water Volume Control: 3gear
    APP Control: Yes
    Voltage: 110-240V
    Power: 50W
    Model: VXVC11-JC
    Power: 950W
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Battery Capacity: 5200mAh
    Product Weight: about 3.8kg
    Package Weight: 11.3kg
    Vacuum Cleaner Size: 35.00 x 35.00 x 9.80 cm
    Dust Collector: 35.60 x 25.00 x 19.30 cm
  • Package content
    1 x Vacuum Cleaner
    1 x Dust Collector
    1 x Main Brush
    1 x Side Brush
    1 x Water Tank
    1 x Manual
    1 x CN Plug

Our Rating

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8.8 4.4 1
  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Battery 9 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

Viomi Alpha1C VXVC11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to the purchase of sweeping robots, which is a great learning. As a new class of appliances with faster technology updates, the frequency of product iterations of the sweeping robot is also relatively high. If consumers do not know enough, it is likely to buy outdated products. If you want professional advice, you may want to consider the Viomi Internet dust collection robot Alpha 1C.

If you don’t have the depth to use a flooring robot, then most people’s attention will probably be on the sweeping performance. It is important to be able to sweep the floor, but if you use it for a long time, you will find that the cleaning of the robot is also a very troublesome thing. As the traditional sweeping robots are designed with built-in dust box, so the use of a week or so have to be taken out to clean, which makes Ran feel very troublesome, the process can not avoid getting dirty hands, a little inattention will also cause dust chips leakage, thus causing secondary pollution.

However, the Viomi Alpha 1C has a new dust collection system that automatically stores and disposes of all the waste collected by the machine, so that users only need to change the dust bag once a month or so. Its dust collection system combines a charging stand with a dust collection box. When the robot returns to the charging stand after each work, the dust collection system will suck the waste from the robot into the dust bag of the dust collection box through the suction function, a process that takes only a few seconds.

It is worth mentioning that Alpha 1C’s dust collection function is a newly upgraded version 2.0, compared to the previous generation technology not only the air duct design is more scientific, but also very humane to add a visual LED indication function. Users can always grasp the power residue of the sweeper and the filling of the dust bag, so as to facilitate timely replacement. With such a comprehensive dust collection system, it can undoubtedly save the user a lot of time and effort.

The first is the cleaning ability of the machine itself, including suction power, functions, etc. The second is the planning ability of the system, such as whether it has environmental detection, laser navigation and other functions. The Viomi Alpha 1C is equipped with a brushless motor imported from Japan, which is capable of generating up to 2500 Pa of super suction power, so that both dust and hair can be cleaned indiscriminately.

In addition to sweeping, mopping is also a major advantage of Alpha 1C. Unlike ordinary sweepers on the market, it uses a more high-end constant pressure electronically controlled water tank, the speed of water seepage is not affected by the amount of water, always maintain a balanced as one, capable of handling a larger area of household workload at the same time will not soak wood floors.