Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Smart Home
  • 1: Operating Ambient Tmperature: -25°C ~ 55°C
  • 2: Code Capacity: 50 Groups
  • 3: Communication Way: bluetooth
  • 4: Fingerprint Capacity: 30 Groups
  • 5: Cat Eye Protection: Manual button

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Xiaomi MIJIA OJJ X1 Smart Door Lock With Intelligent Fingerprint

The smart OJJ X1 lock features a smooth integration of a fingerprint scanner into the handle and a modern ergonomic design. The scanner is located in a convenient place for the thumb, and the design combines several concentric rings – from the scanner to the handle and from the handle to its base.

Would you like to download a separate application for each smart device? I don’t think so. That’s why the MiHome platform allows you to connect a variety of smart devices to one system. With just one app, you can control your smart OJJ X1 lock, air purifier and lighting, and you can collaborate and automatically turn them on. In addition, when a lock is detected, you can set the Loock CatY smart camera to automatically turn on to record and send video.

The OJJ X1 Smart Lock combines fingerprint recognition, image recognition, self-learning algorithms and other advanced technologies to make prints more accurate. In simple terms, the more the OJJ X1 lock is used, the faster it recognizes fingerprints.

What to do when friends or relatives come to visit and there is no one at home to meet them? There is no need to rush home with your head in the air – the smart OJJ X1 allows you to create a disposable code and send it via SMS or messenger. Besides, the application allows you to create codes with an action schedule.

The OJJ X1 uses a strong horizontal larvae, which corresponds to level C in terms of burglary resistance, and such locks are used in financial institutions due to their high security (Level C above level B and A). In addition, the larva has been certified for burglary resistance by the State Testing Centre of the Ministry of Public Security.

If the lock is detected as a failure, five incorrect code entry attempts or 15 unauthorized fingerprints are recognized, the OJJ X1 will launch a smart alert system that will not only send a notification to the local security office, but will also alert you with a notification in the MiHome app.

To prevent fingerprint or password data from falling into the hands of intruders, the OJJ X1 uses multi-level encryption technology, the heart of which is a special security chip MiHome, providing the highest level of data protection. The chip encrypts not only the data inside the lock, but also all communications with the smartphone.

Some modern intruders use special Tesla coils to open electronic locks, but the OJJ X1 design is fully protected from any electromagnetic interference and radiation. All products are still factory tested for electromagnetic compatibility to ensure they meet the highest quality and safety standards. The smart OJJ X1 lock protects your home from threats at any level.

The design of the OJJ X1 lock uses a double German bearing, which provides more than 10 years of handle life even with 30 opening cycles every day. The metal plate in the keyboard area is shock-resistant and all internal cables and external connectors are made to the highest quality standards.

The smart OJJ X1 lock was created using only the best practices in fingerprinting technology, power supply and more. The highest quality is confirmed by many patents in various fields.

The OJJ X1 lock has been successfully tested for 96 hours in salt spray, so it can be used even in coastal areas. In addition, the lock works steadily at temperatures ranging from -25 ° C to +55 ° C.


Product Details

Features Living Fingerprint Recognition
Linkage Mi Home Equipment
Financial Level Encryption
Durable Handle
Artificial Intelligence Algorithms Supported

OJJ combines industry-leading technologies such as fingerprint splicing, image recognition, and self-learning algorithms to make fingerprint recognition more powerful and intelligent.
In short, the more times of unlocking with OJJ fingerprint, the faster the unlocking speed is.

Linkage Mijia smart device, An APP "manages" the whole family
Once connected through the Mijia Platform, you can designate OJJ to unlock while allowing the air purifier, living room lamp and other Mijia intelligent devices to automatically open.

Innvisible Fingerprint: Concentric Circle Design
QJJ seamlessly integrates the fingerprint recognition module into the handle, following the ergonomic principle, and the fingerprint recognition module at the thumb point when holding the handle.

Send a One-time Password Remotely
Support remote sending of one-time passwords, and send them to those in need via SMS or WeChat, you can easily respond to remote unlocking needs: You can also set periodic passwords for regular cleaning aunts in advance.

Built-in Mijia custom security chip, financial level data encryption
Specification Brand: QJJ (Xiaomi Ecological Chain)
Size: #1 - Right Open #2 - Left Open
Unlock Mode: Fingerprint, bluetooth, Password, Mechanical Key
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy
Appearance Process: Paint Process
Password Length: Support for 16-bit virtual passwords
Emergency Supply: Micro USB
Standby Time: 10 months
Operating Ambient Tmperature: -25°C ~ 55°C
Applicable Door Type: Wooden door, anti-theft door
Applicable Door Thickness: 40-120mm(No additional accessories)
Code Capacity: 50 Groups
Fingerprint Capacity: 30 Groups
Communication Way: bluetooth
Encryption Chip: Mi home custom encryption chip
Main Tongue Locking Mode: Close the door and lift the handle
Cat Eye Protection: Manual button


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