Xiaomi SAVA Z1

Xiaomi SAVA Z1

Category: Outdoors
  • 1: Tire Size: 20 inch
  • 2: Frame Material: Carbon Fiber T700
  • 3: Brake: SHIMANO MT200
  • 4: Hub: 4-bearing Hub
  • 5: Seat Tube: Aluminum Alloy

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Xiaomi SAVA Z1 Carbon Fiber Sport Portable Folding Bicycle

The SAVA Z1 is a carbon folding bicycle with a carbon frame, front fork, Shimano R3000 dial, rear dial and Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brake, which costs only RMB 2,999. Compared with the same type of sports folding bicycle, the SAVA Z1 has a very attractive price and configuration.

There are two versions of SAVA Z1 carbon fiber folding bicycle: 9-speed R3000 and 10-speed 4700. The main difference between the two versions lies in the transmission system. The current version of the SAVA Z1 carbon fiber folding bicycle is a more affordable commuter version of R3000, which is 9.9 kg in real terms, while the 4700 high-speed version is only 9.5 kg in real terms.

The conical head pipe is the trend of the times. We can see that the SAVA Z1 frame also uses the conical head pipe to enhance the front end strength and stability of the whole vehicle.

Carbon frame and carbon fork can improve the comfort and reduce the weight of the car body. Compared with folding the whole car at the same price, the weight of 9.9 kg can definitely reach the lightweight threshold. The 4700 high-profile version only replaced the head pipe and transmission system, the weight will be controlled at 9.5 kg. The frame contains folders weighing 1500g, front fork 390g, later modification and upgrading space is vast, for many car friends, $999 to buy a set of small carbon folding frame has been very cost-effective, and now you can buy a direct ride of carbon fiber folding whole car. Of course, if you have the courage to embrace the brand from Germany.

A bike can be slow, but at least it must look fast. Similarly, a bike can be inexpensive, but at least it must look expensive. Founder carbon fiber body gives a solid and reliable feeling, exquisite paint surface, painted color smooth and dynamic.

Safety precautions are marked on the frame in English and Spanish, CENTURY CLASSIC, century classic That was loud enough.

Double-section telescopic head tube, adjustable height, applicable to a wider range of height, but slightly less weight and integrity than the integrated head tube. SAVA also uses an integrated head tube in its 4700 high-end version to increase strength and rigidity while reducing weight.

With regard to transmission systems, SAVA Z1 adopts Shimano R3000 finger dial, and the rear dial is matched with PROWHEEL MIDTOWN 53T tooth disk, KMC Z99 chain and SUGEK11-25T flywheel. For daily commuting leisure and other low-intensity use conditions, the transmission system is still competent, in fact, in a long time to get the car, Xiaobian did not find any difference in the flywheel, until accidentally see a touch of blue on the flywheel lock cover, only to find that the manufacturer on the flywheel “thinking.” In recent years, the technology and design of Hao Meng Dental Plate have been improved, and the exquisite CNC cutting and the modern design style have made people look at it with astonishment. The Shimano R3000 is light and crisp and supports two-way release. With one thumb, you can take control of the whole situation. Car users accustomed to SRAM dial-in can also find a familiar feeling.

Overall, the SAVA Z1 carbon folding car didn’t disappoint us, at least the frame unit didn’t fall victim to the low price. The comfort of carbon fiber material is brought into full play, the car body is flexible, whether in rush-hour rush-hour traffic, or in the lanes of the old city to find delicious childhood, it is a good choice to bring it.


Product Details

Features 20 Inches Carbon Fiber frame + fork , Suitable for height 155-175cm.
SHIMANO SOAR R3000 Group sets , 9 speeds transmission , fulfill different riding situation.
SHIMANO MT200 Disc brake, more powerful brake force, shorten brake distance , safer.
Folding Pedals, smaller when folded up , save more room.
8 Seconds easy folding process design , very convenient for folding.
Specification Brand: Xiaomi SAVA
Type: Portable Folding Bicycle
Model: Z1
Color: Black

Tire Size: 20 inch
Max Load: 110kg
Frame Material: Carbon Fiber T700
Seat Tube: Aluminum Alloy
Derailleur Lever: SHIMANO R3000
Rear Derailleur: SHIMANO R3000
Brake: SHIMANO MT200
Flywheel: 9-speed Flywheel
Hub: 4-bearing Hub
Tire: Chengshin


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