Xiaomi introduced the 3D book World of Warcraft

Crowdfunding Xiaomi is an amazing platform. Previously, Xiaomi released a limited edition of smartphones Redmi Note 8 Pro WoW for the Chinese market, which is now complemented by a new book.

Today, the company began fundraising for a 3D book on the World of Warcraft universe. The online game was released by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2004, and since then it has managed to win the love of the world public.

By the way, at the time of writing, Xiaomi managed to collect 4 times more necessary funds. The book World of Warcraft is presented in two versions, as well as Redmi Note 8 Pro WoW: “The Horde” and “The Alliance”. Accordingly, these variants received different colors of the cover.

The content of the 3D books will be similar. The book consists of 46 pages, which are presented by classical scenes from World of Warcraft. It is worth recalling that last year there was a similar edition dedicated to Harry Potter.

When readers turn over the pages of Xiaomi’s 3D book, the figures in the book will increase to 1 meter square. In addition, there are 5 exclusive Horde and Alliance tokens in the kit. The World of Warcraft edition is released in Chinese.