Xiaomi launches new Forbidden Edition Bluetooth headphones

This news is likely to take second place in comparison to what has happened lately, as well as Lin Bin’s video showing the Xiaomi MIX Flex. Having said that, for fans of the special editions of Xiaomi’s products it will be interesting to know that the company officially launched the new Forbidden Edition Bluetooth headsets, which are added along with the Mi MIX 3 to the series of products from the Chinese brand that focuses on design and a little more on history. In fact, these new jewels tell what’s a bit of Chinese culture, coming closer to fulfilling Lei Jun’s dream of becoming the best national brand.

Although not yet officially presented in the Forbidden City of Purpurea, located in downtown Beijing, the design of these headphones inevitably reminds us of the designs that can be seen on crockery, clothing and homes in this Forbidden City. With respect to the designs found in this product, you can see Chinese representations of an animal with the head of a dragon, the horn of a deer, the back of a tiger, the tail of an ox and the hoof of a horse, even if they are not complete.

Every detail of this product has a strong appeal to Chinese culture. In spite of this, the combination of these ancient traditional elements with modern technology makes these hearing aids unique, thus adapting a classic style but with a truly current trend. They are unadorned and feature a one-piece body, a microphone and headphones surrounded by soft foam.

Finally, already talking about its price, this is really competitive: we are talking about a launch price of 399 yuan, which at the current exchange rate would be about $58.78.