Xiaomi Mi 10 test results in AnTuTu, managed to score 560,792 points

Today, Xiaomi Mi 10 test results were released in the popular AnTuTu benchmark. The smartphone managed to score 560,792 points, which has become one of the best indicators to date. The flagship presentation will take place in February 2020. This information is confirmed by rumors from reputable insiders. Probably, like Mi 9, the anniversary flagship will be presented at the World Congress of Mobile Devices in Barcelona. Tentatively this event will be held from February 24 to February 27.

A rating of 560792 will enable Xiaomi Mi 10 to receive the status of the most powerful smartphone among all devices running the Android operating system. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 central processor provides a high level of performance. Unfortunately, of all the technical specifications, only the chipset is known, and the remaining specifications remain a mystery.

The main line of flagship smartphones has a rather restrained design. Probably the situation will not change, and we will see Xiaomi Mi 10 with traditional screen perforation. The rear camera will receive a 100-megapixel sensor, which will significantly improve the quality of shooting. The Chinese manufacturer is actively promoting 5G technology. Therefore, the new smartphone must receive support for fifth-generation mobile networks.

The developers face both a simple and complex task – they need to significantly increase the performance of the future flagship compared to Mi 9 and Mi Note 10. The level of sales depends largely on whether they can cope with the goal. We will learn even more information about the long-awaited new product next year.