Xiaomi Oclean X is the world’s first touchscreen toothbrush

The product was developed by the Xiaomi eco-network, but it will go on sale under the Oclean brand. It is the world’s first electric toothbrush with a touch screen. It is equipped with a brushless motor. The 8-zone control provides the most effective oral and dental care. Artificial Intelligence technology is supported, which adds a wide range of options.

The user will define the parameters that will be displayed on the toothbrush screen. If necessary, connect your smartphone to the gadget. Synchronization is performed via Bluetooth. The brush screen constantly shows the results of the brushing efficiency. The owner of this new feature will even be able to set up a notification system so that you don’t forget to brush your teeth in time.

The conditional brush divides the oral cavity into 4 zones, calculating the optimum time to brush each element. If the user brushes teeth too quickly, the device will display a warning about the lack of effective oral care on the screen. The results can also be automatically sent to your smartphone for more detailed reports.

The Xiaomi Oclean X toothbrush supports several modes of operation: whitening, sensitive gums, massage, classic cleaning. In the application the user will find about 20 preset modes of operation. If necessary, you can independently create an individual mode by adjusting the parameters of the toothbrush. A powerful motor with magnetic suspension has a high level of efficiency. Speed of operation – up to 40 000 revolutions per minute. Operating life of the engine is 5000 hours.

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