Get all-in-one laser engraving machine Swiitol E6 Pro 6W just for $255.99

Are you looking for a laser engraver for your DIY projects, promotional items or simply for decoration? Swiitol is offering great discounts for the holidays.

The ability to bring virtual features to life is fantastic. With the evolution of technology and the huge competition on offer, it’s now cheap to own a laser engraving and cutting machine, not just for recreational purposes but also for professional ones. Swiitol is one of the brands to consider and is now introducing 3 new models: E6 Pro, E18 Pro and E24 Pro. But I’m focusing on the entry-level model, the E6 Pro, since the E18 Pro and E24 Pro have been covered before.

The Swiitol E6 Pro 6W is a laser engraving machine that is designed to be installation-free. It has an integrated structure made of aluminum alloy, which allows it to be used right out of the box.

The machine’s electric power is 130W, while the laser power is 6W, and the laser wave is 455 ±5 nm. The engraving accuracy of the machine is 0.02mm, and it has an engraving ruler of 365*305mm.

The E6 Pro is designed with a more stable and high-speed structure. The bottom frame is formed in one piece, and the X-axis metal adopts a double-axis guide rail structure to work with small jitter. This ensures that the machine does not jitter when running at a high speed of 36000mm/Min. The ultra-fine laser focal area is reduced to 0.06×0.06mm.

The machine also features a tank chain wire binding scheme, which makes the machine more beautiful and the structure more stable. The wire harness runs smoothly without entanglement, improving the wire life.

The E6 Pro is equipped with a brand new 32-bit motherboard, which has faster data reception and processing capabilities. The net weight of the equipment is 8.5kg. As for the price, it is listed at $259.99 on the Swiitol website, but don’t forget to pick up the $5 coupon so you can get it for $254.99.