Alfawise C40

Alfawise C40
Brand: Alfawise
Category: 3D Printer
  • 1: Super Large Engraving Area
  • 2: 3000mw high intensity laser
  • 3: 0.01mm Accuracy
  • 4: Customizable Motherboard
  • 5: Replaceable laser module
  • 6: Accuracy: 0.01mm

Alfawise C40 - Specs

Product Details

  • Features
    Good Safety Performance, LaserGRBL (LightBurn) Control Software for Fast Installation, Large Engraving Area
  • Specification
    Brand: Alfawise
    Model Number: C40
    Type: Laser Engraving Machine
    Material: Aluminum + Acrylic
    Laser Power: 7W (Electrical Power: 7W, Luminous Power: 1200-1600 mw),20W(Electrical Power: 20W, Luminous Power:4000mw-5000mw)
    Laser Reaching Range: 400 x 300mm
    Power By: Power Adapter 12V 3A

    Motherboard: 32 bits motherboard with STM32 MCU
    Firmware: Ortur Laser Master Firmware
    OS of Upper Computer: Windows (Working with LaserGRBL), MAC OS and Linux (Working with LightBurn)
    Power of Laser Engraver: 36W, 12V 3A
    Electrical Power of Laser Module: 7W, 20W
    Wave Length: 445 ± 5nm
    Variable Focus: Yes
    Default Focal Length: 55MM for 20W Laser Module; 58MM for 7W Laser Module
    Input Format: NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc.
    Carving Area: X: 400MM x Y: 300MM
    Carving Speed: 3000MM / Min and less
    Image size: No Limit (The pixel accuracy could be adjusted freely, and the default is 300 pixels per inch, it's about 0.81um pixel precision)
    LU2-2 (7W): focusing range: 30-200mm, optimal focal length: 80-100mm; LU2-4 (20w) focusing range: 15-25mm, optimal focal length: 15-25mm
  • Package content
    1 x C40 Laser Engraver
    1 x Power Supply
    1 x Laser Module
    1 x Goggles
    1 x English Manual
    1 x TF Card

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 9 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

Alfawise C40 Large Area Frame Laser Engraving Machine

Once again, the laser engraving market continues to evolve. The Alfawise C40 is the latest addition to the Chinese brand already responsible for some great releases. There was the Alfawise U30 Pro, my favorite 3D printer of the moment, the Alfawise U20 3D printer which also seems very interesting and well supported by the community and of course the Alfawise C30, my current laser engraver.

The differences between the Alfawise C40 and C30 are not huge in reality. The useful dimensions, understand the surface that the laser is able to engrave, are identical. A surface of 40 cm wide and 30 cm deep can be worked on. On this surface the C30 deploys a 2.5 watt laser which is sufficient to attack classic materials very easily: paper, wood, horn, leather etc.

The C40 offers two different lasers stamped 7W and 20W. It is important to understand the little trick used by the brand and most Chinese laser engraving machine manufacturers. It’s not about their etching power, it’s about their… power consumption. The 7 Watt laser consumes 7 Watts but offers a light output of only 1.2 to 1.6 Watts. The 20 watt power consumption model offers between 4 and 5 watts of real burning power. So that’s the big difference between the C40 and the C30, which are built around the same model.

The “7 Watts” model will be able to attack paper, cardboard, leather and wood with more or less bite depending on the surface. Cutting paper will be possible, but don’t expect to attack plywood with it too much. The more powerful “20 Watts” model will be able to engrave and cut more material but will not have enough power to cut hardwoods or attack very solid materials. Don’t expect to attack metal with just their paint.

Both models use a laser with a wavelength of the classic 445 ± 5 nm with manual focus and low emission adjustment. It will therefore be necessary to buy glasses compatible with this wavelength. Typically a model with very wide coverage from 180 to 590 nm.

Chassis made of aluminium profiles to be assembled on which the laser will run, driven by two motors and belts. The Alfawise C40’s motherboard remains Open Source but now switches to 32-bit for faster data processing and smooth engine control. The communication between the machine, which passes through a USB port via software such as LaserGRBL for example, is also improved. The overall accuracy is also superior, although I doubt that the impact is huge with this type of laser and the speeds offered.

The brand has retained its various protection systems. Starting with a blockage of the laser emission if the laser remains without moving for too long to avoid any risk of fire starting. In the event of a command break between the engraver and the master computer, the laser will also stop and, most importantly, a motion sensor is integrated on the motherboard. So that if the frame would move due to an unexpected movement, the engraving would stop. This last point prevents an object from slipping under the beam or, worse, your hand for example. But it also avoids continuing engraving when the laser is no longer aligned with the object to be engraved. This makes it possible to resume burning in a second step without spoiling your media.

In short, a new, slightly updated version, sold at a softer price for the “7W” model and equivalent for the “20W” model. The Alfawise C40 in the 1.6 Watt model is priced at $179.99 while the 5 Watt model is priced at $279.99.

Of course it will be possible to upgrade these machines, either by changing the aluminium profiles to enlarge them. Either by changing the laser module for more power. Attention, the product sheet does not list glasses with the package. Although I assume a basic model comes with it, I encourage you to purchase a pair of quality safety goggles with your engraver. Never use these devices without eye protection.

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