Anet® ET4 Pro

Anet® ET4 Pro

Brand: Anet
Category: 3D Printer
  • 1: Printingsize: 220*220*250mm
  • 2: Movement speed: 10~300mm/s
  • 3: Printing speed: 20-150mm/s
  • 4: Standard nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • 5: XY Axis Position Presicion : 0.012mm

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  • Design 8 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

Anet ET4 Pro 3D Printer

With the ET4 Pro, Anet promises a cheap 3D printer with touchscreen control, filament and level sensor. Now he prints well, but that was a lot of work.

The technical data of the Anet ET4 Pro are impressive. At 220*220*250mm, the print space is significantly larger than that of SLA printers or the affordable FDM printers Wanhao Duplicator i3 Mini or the Xyzprinting Davinci Mini W+, The pleasantly flat and heated glass print bed not only looks chic, it also ensures surprisingly good adhesion for us. Automatic leveling is possible thanks to an attachable sensor. While this is not as convenient as with a permanently installed sensor, it is a welcome addition considering the low price. An integrated filament sensor detects if the filament breaks or runs out. The printing process is then paused and can be continued after refilling. Even after a power failure, the ET4 Pro usually continues the print job without problems, at least with a one-off test, it worked.

Despite good equipment and a decent print, the conclusion of the ET4 Pro is very ambiguous. Without improvements and the replacement of defective hardware, the printer is ultimately only expensive high-tech scrap. If you consider your printer as a pure tool, you should look for another product with fewer problems. For beginners, it is much less suitable than other printers in the same price category. The cheap China printers Ender 3 or Wanhao i3 Mini have a slightly poorer configuration, but they worked without any rework in the test.

If you are familiar with the topic of 3D printing and know what to look for, the ET4 Pro is a relatively quiet and well-equipped FDM printer at a fair price. In particular the size of the print room, the auto-leveling and the possibility to resume canceled prints leave a positive impression. Anyone who views 3D printing as a hobby and has some technical skill can access it. The printer has potential.


Product Details

Features 1. The newly upgraded auto-leveling function is changed to the photoelectric sensor type, and the leveling is more accurate.
2. Supports the function of a continuous power failure and continues printing after power is restored.
3. Support material cut-off detection function, lack of material alarm and pause printing.
4. Support the function of automatic feeding and unloading, which can be easily solved with one click;
5. Simple and convenient operation with the 2.8-inch color touch screen.
6. The motor driver chip is upgraded to TMC2208, replacing A4988. 256 micro-step subdivision, ultra-quiet, low resonance. New industrial-grade chip control motherboard, fast operation, strong function, with overcurrent protection, overload protection, temperature runaway protection Turn on the heating switch) and other functions.
Specification Model: ET4 PRO
Color: Black
Structure: Aluminum frame +sheet metal
Extruderquantity: 1
Printingsize: 220*220*250mm
Printingresolution: ±0.1mm
LayerThickness: 0.1-0.3mm
Connectionmode: Online/Offline Printing
LCD Display: 2.8 inch color touch screen
Movement speed: 10~300mm/s
Printing speed : 20-150mm/s
Standard nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
Extruder working temperature(Max): 250℃
Hot bed temperature(Max): 100℃
Hotbed Material: Aluminum Plate and Tempered Glass and PC Stickers
XY Axis Position Presicion: 0.012mm
Z AxiPositioPresicion: 0.004mm
Printable Filaments: ABS/PLA/HIPS ect.
Filament Diameter: 1.75mm
Recommended Filament: PLA
Control software language: English/Chinese/French / Korean
Data Input Format: STL/OBJ/JPG
Data Output Format: Gco/Gcode
Moulding Suppport Automatically: YES
Continued power failure: YES
Broken material detection: YES
Automatic leveling: YES
Automatic feeding and returning: YES
Machine size: 440*340*480mm
Machine net weight: 7.6Kg
Packing Size: 510*485*250mm
Package weight: 9.8±0.2KG
Power Supply: Input:AC 100-120V/6.8A 200-240V/3.4A 50/60Hz Output:DC 24V 350W
Operating System: Windows,MAC
Printing Software: Cura
Working Condition: Temp:0-40℃,Humidity:5-80%


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