Blitzwolf® BW-FYE3

Blitzwolf® BW-FYE3

Brand: Blitzwolf
Category: Audio
  • 1: Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
  • 2: HiFi Stereo
  • 3: Invisible Shaping Design
  • 4: 2600mAh Ultra-large-capacity
  • 5: Touch Control

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  • Design 9 / 10
  • Features 8 / 10
  • Connectivity 8 / 10
  • Performance 9 / 10

Blitzwolf® BW-FYE3 True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earphone

The Blitzwolf BW-FYE3 BT is the only one that has not been tested on the five-to-one, although this is perhaps the most interesting piece. Awful stand-by time, touch-based control, self-inflating earphones, IPX6 standard fluids, or even showering, and more.

Those who follow the page will surely say they are green and white and indeed, such packaging. What’s more surprising is that Blitzwolf engineers have been able to produce products that are different from one another in a series, and seem to have quit the copy paste method, which is saving.

And how well they did, finally, not too much of a bazaar product like Blitzwolf BW-FYE5, but different from FYE1 and FYE2-FYE4, I like it the most. Chin, smoky box surrounds the ears, biting the mystery of the glass of the aggressively darkened sports car. Of course, somebody is going to be a hump backer, but he’s coming in for me.

The stuff is also massive, it has weight, not in vain, a 2.600 mAh battery has been built into the charging bench, and the earphones are not small, and I think this will make most people fuse. Because they stand out of the ear canal, they are not discreet, and they play circularly in the current state in red / green / blue, in the style of 80’s teen disco.

This is what the silky-black surface, which makes people feel nostalgic, is eager to see the film Boogie Nights again. I like it, but I think others will be a lot. The quality is otherwise patented, the Blitzwolf BW-FYE3 is massive, almost in the category.

I was surprised that there is a USB-A output beside the traditional micro USB port on the front, as it can also be used as a power bank. Starting with the Chinese, this type of power source will become a brand of quartz watch in Japanese cars, but I think it’s a more useful feature than timing.

The story somehow started with Apple creating AirPods, which we can make our own pot. In response, Xiaomi essentially did the same quarter and named Xiaomi AirDots. The funny part is coming now, because Blitzwolf compares Blitzwolf BW-FYE3 to the largest Chinese manufacturer, but not the most illogical.

A comparative table has also been created, which is worthwhile to reveal, as we can find out the essential similarities and differences. Since we have really tested all of the series Blitzwolf BT ears, I don’t tell the basics now, I just paint the differences, that’s enough.

The whole thing is based on the 5.0 Bluetooth standard, which is nicer, better, smarter than its predecessors, but the bottom line is that it consumes much less and has a greater range. Thus, it is possible to get quite good running times from the battery capacity that is seemingly small. In this case, this means 2.5-3 hours for 40 mAh, which is roughly the average value for this kind of stuff. But I wouldn’t say the connection to the ear was always smooth, sometimes I had to charm the Bluetooth section, but after a while, it always came together.

But the treatment is really unique, because the Blitzwolf BW-FYE3 is touch sensitive, so it has to be touched, not pressed. At FYE5, it was just one of my troubles that I put my ear cushions on my brain while pressing the button, this is the past. As I know you love the tables, you have a drink, here’s another one that will help you decide on the Blitzwolfos home race, and a small-scale football team will come out with so many models.

Since three of our five delicacies have been tested by Mr. Busy, so my personal experience is only with FYE5, it hasn’t been so fascinated as FYE3. Simply because it sounds like the devil, I hear the bass in my brain while the other sounds are clear. I have replaced the factory rubber with a larger, more sealing bell, so I heard the music so much in my head that it was amazing.

It comes to me when the ambient noise is not superseded by the sounders, but they are beautifully, of course, but the deep range does not push the rest. I think Blitwzolf BW-FYE3 is very close to perfect, especially in this ten thousand forint range.

Of course, you can also use the binaural or monoaural mode – double or single mode – to listen to music first, and second to headset functions. The microphone was not so cool as it was for FYE5, as if we were out loud, and it was disturbing in an empty room, not in the car.

It took a long time for the king of the series to be the Blitzwolf BW-FYE3, but then his Majesty stepped on his own mantle and fell. Its design, the use of materials, the superb operation are truly prestigious, and its docking station contains enough energy for countless recharges. Stand-by time is a world champion, the touch is comfortable, and it is also great. Looks like it’s going to be sharing, FYE3 isn’t a discrete piece, but who cares about that quality?


Product Details

Features 1. Wireless Bluetooth 5.0
2. HiFi Stereo
3. Invisible Shaping Design
4. 2600mAh Ultra-large-capacity
5. Touch Control
6. Universal Compatibility
Specification Brand Blitzwolf®
Model BW-FYE3
Color Black
Wearing Type In-ear
Key Touch
Material PC+ABS
Net Weight (g) Earbud: 4.23g
Charging Box: 100g
Total: 108.5g
Dimensions (cm/ inch)
Charging Box: W74*L48*H34
Earbud: W26*L20*H25

Microphone Yes
Speaker Φ6mm
Magnetic Absorption Yes
Control Type Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Version V5.0
Bluetooth Chip AB1526P
Supported Protocal HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
Transmission Distance ≥ 33 feet (10m)
Receive Sensitivity -83dB/3M
Noise-signal ratio 95 dB
Frequency Response 2.4GHz, Class 2
Battery Capacity Earbud: 40mAh/3.7V/0.185WH
Charging Box: 2600 mAh/3.7V
Charging Time (h) Time in Charging the Earbuds: 1H
Time in Charging the Battery Case: 3H
Electricity Supply Times of Charging Box 13
Play Time 2-2.5h
Call Time (h) 3h
Standby Time (h) 170h


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